Egypt amazes the world with new discoveries and renovations

The traditional Egyptian civilization started 5,000 years in the past when folks began constructing villages subsequent to the River Nile in northeast Africa. It lasted for round 3,000 years, and it continues to shock the world with its new discoveries and renovations to at the present time. Researchers and archaeologists nonetheless uncover fascinating details, historical tombs, mummies, and stays of the pharaohs. You’ll be able to’t say that Egypt’s historical past is up to now as a result of it continues to amaze us till now. A few of Egypt’s newest discoveries are:

Discovery of 110 burial websites within the Com Al-Khaljan space of Daqahliya

An Egyptian archaeological mission in Daqahliya has found over 100 burial websites which belong to 3 completely different Egyptian historical eras: The Decrease Egyptian period, pre-dynastic Egypt in 3000 BC, and the fifteenth Dynasty in 1650 BC.

The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry stated that the graves, which comprise human stays inside a few of them, have been uncovered on the Koum el-Khulgan archeological web site in Daqahliya, positioned round 150 kilometers northeast of Cairo.

The graves comprise about 68 oval-shaped tombs the place many of the lifeless have been buried in a squatting place, mendacity on their left facet and their heads dealing with west. Among the many lifeless was an toddler buried in a jar which is taken into account a typical funerary follow that also amazes the researchers to at the present time. These tombs belong to the Predynastic Interval from 6000-3150 B.C when the Nile Valley was nonetheless cut up into Higher and Decrease Egypt.

As well as, 37 rectangular-shaped tombs are additionally found from the Second Intermediate Interval (1782-1570 B.C.), 31 of them are semi-rectangular-shaped holes that differ in depth between 20cm to 85 cm. All of the human stays have been discovered laid with their face up and the top trying in the direction of the west.

The remainder of the 5 tombs belong to the Naqada III interval that prolonged from round 3200 B.C. to 3000 B.C. The 5 Naqada are all oval-shaped tombs carved into the sand. Two of them have a layer of mud defending their sides, backside, and roof. Funerary furnishings was additionally found together with cylinder-shaped and pear-shaped pottery jars.

Archeologists moreover found in these tombs, human stays of adults and kids, pottery objects, amulets particularly scarabs (some are product of semi-precious stones), jewellery resembling earrings, and funerary gear.

These tombs are extraordinarily fascinating as a result of they mix a few of the earliest eras of Historic Egypt with one other necessary interval, the time of the Hyksos. The invention is taken into account the newest in a collection of archaeological discoveries lately which is usually a excellent cause to revive Egypt’s tourism sector.

Restoration of Cairo’s Dome of Mamluk Qansuh Abu Mentioned


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The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, in participation with the Ministry of Housing, has completed the undertaking of restoring the Sultan Qansuh Abu Mentioned Dome within the japanese Mamluk Cemetery. The Dome of Sultan Qansuh has at all times been part of Cairo for the reason that date of its development in 1499. It stands aside with its distinctive sample interlocking arrow shapes throughout the outside.

The structural and architectural renovation of the Sultan Qansuh dome has been accomplished, which incorporates the reinforcement of the partitions and foundations, cleansing and restoring the dome’s 4 facades, the transition space, and the copper crescent of the dome.

The work was completed by putting in home windows embellished with stained glass, giving the dome an uncommon look that enlightens its inside house and mirrors its distinctive character with colours that made its design parts sparkle.

As well as, an inner and exterior lighting system was put in, and the mihrab and ceiling chandeliers have been renovated. Indicators, panels, and surveillance cameras have been put in as nicely, in an effort to assist friends throughout their go to, and assure their security.

The entire space across the dome was paved and easy and embellished with lots of crops that correspond with the character of monuments.

Dr. Osama Talaat, head of the Islamic, Coptic, and Jewish Antiquities Sector, introduced that the Dome of Sultan Qansuh Abu Mentioned was constructed in 904 AH / 1498 AD by the Circassian Mamluk Sultan Qansuh Abu Mentioned in the identical 12 months he was handed over to the Sultanate to be his burial floor. The dome was later referred to as the “Dome of Al-Ghafeer” because it was used as a residence for the world guard, “Al-Ghafir’’, and the land round it was referred to as Torab El-Ghafir, or the guard’s cemetery.

Egypt is understood for its wealthy historical past which has made a tapestry of cultural and archaeological treasures unmatched anyplace on the earth. Vacationers worldwide have been fascinated by the great thing about Egypt, its monuments, its distinctive civilization, and its superb sights. Don’t miss out on our tricks to Egypt in an effort to witness this uncommon historical past. We’re providing completely different tour packages to all cities of the nation, so you’ll be able to have the perfect lifetime expertise.