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Remembering God’s Sovereignty as We Travel

If traveling around the world has taught us anything, it is that God is in control. No matter how much we plan, check, double-and-triple-check our long list of logistical details, the world is changing moment by moment. 

As Christian travel experts, we have come to see the challenges and obstacles as opportunities to see God show up in unplanned and miraculous ways. As a result, we’ve learned to look to Him as we travel. 

God’s hand was evident from the very beginning over our most recent Israel tour with over 700 travelers. We prayerfully prepared and, while there, had the privilege of witnessing the spiritual impact of their journey firsthand.

“The beautiful sights and biblical history were AMAZING, but it’s the PEOPLE I will miss the most!”
—Cathy C.

“Such a privilege to meet my mentor, my spiritual father, a godly man…Chuck Swindoll.”
—Stephanie J.

“Our communion service at the Garden Tomb. I needed it desperately. There has been some chaos in my life these past few days and I needed to get back to the mindset of truth, to refocus. The Lord is good and He knows my heart and He goes before us!” —Michele J. 

God took care of us every step of the way. Wherever you are traveling, whether to another country or through a typical day at home, God is with you and He is in control.

These are just a few of the ways God protected us as we traveled: 

  • God protected us by shutting the border to Jericho before we were scheduled to travel there.
  • God protected our 700-plus passengers from illness throughout the journey. 
  • God protected our travels by getting everyone home safely and without major delays. 

Each of these was a powerful provision. As we look forward to our next faith-filled travels—once the current situation is resolved, of course—we know God will continue to go before each cruise and tour. 

Although now is a moment to pause, don’t stop dreaming of all the places you will go. 

God created the world for our enjoyment, and Christians need to see His Creation and celebrate His glory with other believers. To that end, we at Inspiration believe in Christian travel and the joy it brings.