Who wouldn’t want a memorable beach getaway, right? Well, if you’re wondering where to find some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, then you might as well come and visit the Philippines! Where, you ask? Right at its heart. Iloilo City is considered “The Heart of the Philippines” literally and figuratively. The city is geographically at the center of the country being in the southeastern part of Western Visayas. Iloilo also offers an extremely rich history and culture to all of its visitors. Not to mention that the city is also home to some of the spectacular beaches in the world.

Tourists from all over the world choose to visit Iloilo mainly because of its natural wonders. This is apart from the fact that Iloilo offers one of the world’s best-tasting cuisines, majestic cultural and religious attractions, and that Ilonggos are the warmest and most hospitable people in the country. Some of the city’s attractions include the Gigantes Islands, Sicogon Island, Concepcion Island, Calle Real, Nasadjan Falls, Iloilo River Esplanade, Miagao Church, Jaro Cathedral, Molo Church, and the Garin Farm.


Also, don’t forget to taste Ilonggo’s best-tasting cuisine such as the La Paz Batchoy, Kansi, Chicken Binakol, Sylvanas, Laswa, Bisayang Lechon Manok, and Pancit Molo! Indeed, your stay here in Iloilo will both fulfill your souls and your stomachs!

Finally, let us talk about Iloilo City’s most notorious tourist attractions, no other than its wonderful beach resorts! You are guaranteed to experience world-class accommodation and services from Iloilo’s best! Are you ready to elevate your unforgettable experience in Iloilo? Then without further ado, here are the top 10 Resorts in Iloilo.

1. Adhara Resort and Spa

Address: JC Zulueta Poblacion South, Oton, Villa Arevalo, Iloilo

Get ready to experience the magnificent views and tides of the beach with your family in Adhara. You would be staying in an exclusive 6 hectares of land with a 450 meter long beachfront! Also, this wonderful resort’s amenities will take your breath away.

Imagine, apart from the world-class service it guarantees to give you, you also have a lot of activities to choose from! Elevate your experience by participating in the resort’s hiking, diving, and horseback riding. Relax and enjoy the in-house bar, spa, restaurant, and swimming pool! Of course, all of those come with a premium service of high-speed wifi, spacious and air-conditioned rooms, and a shuttle bus service to help you navigate in Iloilo!Adhara Resort and Spa


Accessing this wonderful resort wouldn’t be a problem because it is located conveniently along the Iloilo-Antique Highway and guarantees premium accessibility to its customers for being only a 15-minute ride away from the city proper. That being said, all of the visitors can enjoy both nature and urban experiences in Iloilo because both are only within a hand’s reach. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE



2. Bearland Paradise Resort

Address: Tan Pael Subdivision, Brgy Tan Pael, Tigbauan, Iloilo

Only a 20-minute ride from the city proper of Iloilo lies a paradise perfect for your memorable and relaxing vacation. With 30 spacious and inviting rooms fully equipped with high-speed internet, air-conditioning units, excellent service, and superior facilities, Bearland Paradise Resort is one of the best things on your list.Bearland Paradise Resort

Indulge yourself with the resort’s numerous breathtaking sceneries such as the ocean’s blue waters, the majestic view of the mountains, and many more natural wonders. Also, don’t forget to try the resort’s restaurant, bar, and coffee shop! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE



3. Solina Beach and Nature Resort

Address: Brgy Guinticgan, Carles, Iloilo

If you’re particularly interested in exploring the world’s famous Gigantes Group of Islands, then Solina Beach and Nature Resort is the perfect place for you to stay. Offering a world-class service and list of facilities, Solina Beach guarantees a relaxed and hassle-free stay every time.Solina Beach and Nature Resort

With over ten (10) room choices, you will be able to relax and enjoy your stay with the resort’s high-speed internet, fully air-conditioned units, everyday housekeeping, and 24-hour front desk. On top of that, premium facilities such as the bar, restaurant, coffee shop, fitness center, swimming pool, billiards, and a private beach are all waiting for you! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE



4. Balay Kogon

Address: Buaya Beach, Sicogon Island, Carles, Iloilo

Located conveniently in Carles, Balay Kogon is situated at the famous Sicogon Island of Iloilo. Together with its world-class services offered and premium facilities and amenities, staying in Balay Kogon also promises a wide variety of recreational activities such as hiking, watersports equipment, and snorkeling are all waiting for you.Balay Kogon

With over 26 rooms with premium amenities to choose from such as high-speed internet, a private bath, powerful showers, and air-conditioned rooms all wait for your arrival. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE



5. The Assemblage Point Resort

Address: Lawigan, San Joaquin, City Proper, Iloilo

If you want to have a peaceful and relaxing getaway while having continuous convenient access to the city center, then The Assemblage Point Resort is the perfect place for your vacation! It is conveniently located in San Joaquin, which is only 68.8 km away from the city. Boasting its 18 spacious and full-packed rooms with premium amenities, you can have a memorable vacation here. The rooms are equipped with high-powered air conditioning units, flat-screen TVs with cable and satellite channels, a seating area to relax, and a spacious bathroom as well.The Assemblage Point Resort

Elevate your experience by having a feast at the resort’s restaurant, and enjoy the scenic views by dipping in the pool while sipping your favorite beverage. The Assemblage Point Resort also has recreational activities such as diving, fishing, a fitness center, and a spa inside. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


6. Sheridan Boutique Resort

Address: 0, Brgy Buray Oton, Iloilo

Are you looking for a convenient and accessible place to stay while being able to enjoy the scenic views of Iloilo? Then Sheridan Boutique Resort should be on your list! This 3-star hotel resort is only 15 km away from the airport. Apart from its strategically convenient location, you can also be guaranteed to receive world-class hotel services with premium facilities such as a high-speed complimentary internet connection, air conditioning units, flatscreen LCD TVs with satellite and cable channels, a spacious bathroom, a clothes rack, and many more!Sheridan Boutique Resort

Level up your experience by trying both their indoor and outdoor swimming pools and have a relaxing bath at their hot tub. On top of these amazing perks brought to you by staying in Sheridan, you are also near the Iloilo River Esplanade, giving you an unforgettable experience. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


7. MO2 Westown Hotel and Resort Iloilo

Address: Glicerio T. Pison Benigno Aquino Drive, Mandurriao, Iloilo

This affordable yet high-quality 3-star hotel is only 16 km away from the airport and gives you access to the city’s main attractions such as SM Iloilo, Barbecue Park, The Molo Mansion, Museo Iloilo, and the Molo Park.

Apart from being able to access most of the city’s tourist attractions, nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes, you can also be guaranteed to be given a top-of-the-line service with the hotel’s 90 different rooms all equipped with premium facilities such as flatscreen LED TVs, refrigerator, air conditioning units, telephone, and a minibar inside! Yup, no better way to relax after a tiring adventure than having a drink before you sleep.MO2 Westown Hotel and Resort Iloilo

You can also level up your experience by enjoying some of the resort’s amenities such as their very own restaurant, bar, cafe, fitness center, billiards room, nightclub, outdoor swimming pool, spa, and waterpark. An all-in-one experience is waiting for you here at MO2 Westown Hotel and Resort Iloilo! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


8. Urban Sands Iloilo Hotel

Address: 17 MH Del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo

More than 10 room choices come with premium facilities such as high-speed internet all around the resort, air-conditioning units, flatscreen TVs, a refrigerator, and a spacious bathroom. On top of all these, you can find almost everything you need inside the resort with their very own restaurant, bar, coffee shop, garden, spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and a relaxing garden.Urban Sands Iloilo Hotel

Renovated in 2014, you can expect a brand-new hotel and resort experience exclusively brought to you by Urban Sands Iloilo. Whether you’re a traveler or a businessman, you can expect that you are in the perfect place. Apart from an easy-access WiFi in all rooms, a photocopier and printer are both available together with daily housekeeping and express check-in/check-out.

Enjoy all of these perks by only being 30 minutes away from the city center. With its very convenient location, you can easily access all of Iloilo’s tourist attractions together with its must-see destinations and must-try delicacies. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


9. Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa

Address: 20 Osmena Street, Villa Arevalo, Iloilo

If you’re looking for a perfect getaway, being able to relax on Iloilo’s spectacular beach while having exclusive access to the city’s urban comforts, then Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa is the perfect option for you! This privately owned resort is located conveniently along the Iloilo-Antique highway and is only 30-40 minutes away from the Iloilo Airport. Not to mention that it’s also only a 15-20 minute ride from the Iloilo City Proper. So, it would really be less hassle for tourists to access this wonderful resort.Anhawan Beach Resort

Get ready to lie back in a long chair and be mesmerized by the ocean’s beauty with a clear view of the setting sun. What a dramatic and beautiful experience to look forward to, right? Aside from the premium world-class services the resort has to offer, it also has a notable variety of amenities that will surely satisfy your stay. From high-speed internet to spacious rooms equipped fully with air-conditioning units, you could never go wrong. Also, get ready to participate in several activities such as Jet Skiing, Volleyball, Kayaking, Sailing, Horseback Riding, and Soccer Ball! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


10. Marbuena Island Resort

Address: Ajuy Beach, Iloilo

This hidden paradise is located in Ajuy Beach, Iloilo. Marbuela Island Resort promises its guests a nature experience like no other in the world. With panoramic views of blue waters and great landscape, it surely is a breathtaking sight to cherish. Apart from that, the long white sand bar is one of the major attractions of this resort. For tourists to access this natural wonder, you could just conveniently ride a bus from Jaro, Iloilo then takes a tricycle ride to Brgy. Mangorocoro.

Marbuena boasts that it is the most complete resort which offers world-class services and amenities in Northern Iloilo. A wide variety of room choices are all equipped with high-speed internet, air-conditioning units, and premium amenities to help you with your daily needs. There’s also a restaurant which offers a gastronomic experience for you and recreational facilities like a playground, a basketball court, a playground, and picnic tables. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Just a friendly reminder, if you’re planning to visit the beautiful city of Iloilo anytime soon, please check the respective hotel’s website or official Facebook page first before booking a reservation. Some of them may have their own safety and health protocols so it would be better if you know them beforehand.