Top 7 Beach Resorts in Bantayan Island, Cebu

Just a boat drive away from the island province of Cebu, Bantayan Island makes a contrast of what living in the city is like—it is a tranquil place fostered by a small number of people which also makes it the perfect venue for ultimate relaxation.

Conspicuously less developed than the neighboring mainland region, the island is home to a few but notable structures and an overall landscape that is close to nature, including the surrounding waters that make the beach.

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Needless to say, the Bantayan Island makes for a popular retreat by the people from the city as well as a magnet to foreign tourists who are seeking calm and peace catered by the resorts that warmly welcomes those in need of stay.

1. Anika Island Resort

To be on the island while enjoying the amenities that are mostly only found in the more populated locations can be surreal. But not if you are in a resort-like the Anika Island Resort which, while trying to be simplistic, does not fall short in providing the customers the comfortable accommodation they deserve.Anika Island Resort

And not everything about this resort is intended to be plain. It is also significantly stylish and ornate in most areas. This is something that any curious and discerning customers are likely to see when they venture into the place. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE




2. Amihan Beach Cabanas Resort

When you think of staying on the island involves being housed by the construct that is made of easily accessible materials like wood, lumber, or grass, then you are not necessarily mistaken with the notion.Amihan Beach Cabanas Resort

Amihan Beach Cabanas Resort tries to live up to this expectation by providing its guests a place whose theme is faithful to the notion as premised—everything about this place is made of bamboo, which is a kind of grass. If anything, this makes for the closest experience anyone could get about living a chill and simple life on the island. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


3. La Playa Estrella Beach Resort

If living in style is your thing which meant that simplicity is the least of your favorite, then that is a taste that is easily met in a place like the La Playa Estrella Beach Resort.La Playa Estrella Beach Resort

Seeing the establishment the first time should already speak for itself. While there is nothing necessarily over-the-top to this resort in terms of architectural flair, what you will see in La Playa Estrella Beach Resort is substantially flashier than most of the same businesses in the area. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


4. Maia’s Beach Resort

Family-owned and operated by a Filipina and German couple, the Maia’s Beach Resort is not just your ordinary beach resort built on a small budget. On the contrary, this makes for one of the handful of establishments that can proudly call itself as “luxurious”—to a certain extent, that is. The outset kind of shows.Maia's Beach Resort

But what makes this resort a go-to place for visitors is undoubtedly is quaint approach to architecture which combines both simplicity and beauty in a single package. Although the surrounding seawater makes for a common highlight to the place, it also comes pre-built with pools, too, for those who would prefer them. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


5. Marlins Beach Resort

Simple yet elegant. A small piece of land by the sea that is the Marlins Beach Resort both contrasts and complements an otherwise uncomplicated backdrop via a colorful existence. Seeing a panoramic view of the resort set against the background undeniably feels like seeing a beautiful piece of art, freshly painted in a canvass.Marlins Beach Resort

But this resort is not just colorful from the outset as the emblazon of every building permeates into the indoors as well, essentially giving guests a sense of vibrancy that is not just one-sided, but all-encompassing. It is, therefore, no wonder why this establishment merited TripAdvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence 2016” award. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

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6. Hoyohoy Villas

The Hoyohoy Villas is a place where five of the country’s strong winds lie, at least when you consider that the place’s individual construct’s name as a point of reference—yes, each of the five-building is named after the kind of wind which varies from location to location, whether it’s the northwest, southwest, northeast, south, southeast, and the southwest. But rest assured, no storm brews directly from this place.Hoyohoy Villas

While the idea presented may just be a gimmick, the establishment’s presentation—and thereby its existence—is not. Seamlessly mixing both what is plain as well as the intricate, the Hoyohoy Villas is a venue of simply beauty.

Another of Hoyohoy Villas’ greatest strength is the exclusivity of the place. With literally only a few countable structures to acknowledge, this place is never overcrowded which makes it a perfect location for individuals or small groups of people who are seeking a place of respite from an otherwise noisy and cramped crowd. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

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7. Ogtong Cave Resort

For the locals of Bantayan Island, the name “Ogtong Cave Resort” is an icon. Being the first establishment to ever considered the island as an ideal location for a hospitality business, this resort is a pioneer.Ogtong Cave Resort

But being the “first” in the area is not the Ogtong Cave Resort’s only strength, it also has established itself a strong reputation in terms of layout design which makes it a benchmark of what is good or bad in the business. To say the least, the Ogtong Cave Resort is a leader which has all the qualities to justify its title which any discerning guests can see for themselves.

Much can be said about Ogtong Cave Resort’s overall external appearance, all of which boil down to one thing—it is fantastic.

Yet, while its beauty is indeed obvious from the outside, there is also something hidden about this venue that also adds to the establishment’s appeal and mystic. It has an underground cave—hence the name—where people can dip into but is only exclusive to those who are indeed customers of the resort.