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How to Dress Like a World Traveler

If you’ve ever wondered what to wear on a Christian cruise or tour, these are our top two suggestions. 

Packing can be tricky, especially when you’re embarking on a cruise to Alaska or a tour of Israel. Both environments enjoy diverse and unpredictable weather. That’s why we created the Inspiration store with clothing that works. You will see both these items on our staff when they travel with Inspiration!

Our Men’s Wind Jacket

This Inspiration-branded Men’s Wind Jacket is the perfect layer to have on those unpredictable days in port in Alaska or while sailing the scenic splendor of Glacier Bay. It’s durable enough to guard against the wind but light enough to keep you from overheating on sunny days. This is our staff’s go-to jacket, and yes, we also have a version of this jacket for women.

Versatile Polo Shirts for Men and Women

Tired of trying to decide what to wear? These comfortable polo shirts with advanced moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool while basking in the tropical sunshine of the Caribbean or studying Scripture on the Southern Steps of the Temple in Jerusalem. Take the stress out of deciding what to pack by ordering the Men’s Shirts or Women’s Shirts, available in a variety of colors.