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Discover Your Travel Style with This Easy Quiz

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If you’ve ever traveled with friends or family, you know that everyone has a distinct travel style. Some get deep into the planning, organizing daily activities, and creating a packing checklist, while others are content to go with the flow.

Each person has their own travel priorities, whether it’s relaxation, enjoying nature, getting pampered, or posting photos. These tendencies often don’t just apply to travel.

As travel ramps up in the coming months, we want to help you discover your travel style. With permission from Paul Joiner, founder of The Four Adventure Styles, we’ve designed a quick quiz to help you learn what makes an exceptional Christian travel experience for YOU.

Here’s a quick overview:

The Navigators

This travel style is for the planners and organizers. They know the itinerary like the back of their hand, as well as how to maximize their vacation time. Odds are they’ve planned an itinerary for the rest of their group! They love seeing friends and family delight in the moments they carefully curated and helped put together.

The Explorers

These adventurers collect experiences and are attracted to beautiful places where they can learn, reflect and bask in the wonder of the moment. Friends travel with them to be inspired and enjoy insightful conversations along the journey of discovering new cultures, stunning views and unique experiences. 

The Travelers

Travelers are spontaneous. They value relationships and would rather go with loved ones than travel solo. Friends love inviting them along because they bring laughter and fun. They are open, playful, and always looking for how to enjoy every moment to the fullest!

The Trailblazers

They seek out the most iconic destinations, the best views, and the top restaurants and accommodations. As naturally confident and competitive people, Trailblazers excel at making quick decisions and discovering the best everywhere they go.