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7 Fun and quirky things to do in Berlin with Kids

Berlin Cathedral in Berlin, Germany

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With a penchant for the quirky and difficult and fascinating history, believe it or not, Berlin really is the place to be and arguably the most fascinating and diverse capital city in Europe.

People flock there not only for its unrivaled party scene but also to experience and learn more about its troubled past.

If you’re wondering if berlin is a good place to go with kids, then let us tell you now, it certainly is. The capital city of Germany has something to keep every family member happy as a clam.

Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt in Winter Berlin, Germany

So, after you have made your way to the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) and spent some time at Checkpoint Charlie, here are some other things you should definitely experience when visiting Berlin.

Of course, there are many European cities that are great to visit in winter while others are better visited during summer months, but come rain or shine Berlin magic will pull you in any time of year, you and your kids shouldn’t miss out.

7 Quirky and Fun Things to do in Berlin with Kids

Check out our list of the most interesting things to do in Berlin with your kids on your next family vacation in Germany.

1. Kid Friendly Outdoor Activities

Berlin is a very green city and has a whole host of parks to explore and don’t worry the kids will also be entertained on one of the 1850 playgrounds strewn across the city.

Cute Wooden Playgound in Berlin, Germany

It also has around 1000 ping pong tables that anyone can use, so don’t forget to pack your ping pong bats, older kids are going to love it.

2. A Day at the Airport

If you’d rather be on dry land, then a trip to Tempelhofer Feld (Tempelhof field) is a must. Located on the edge of the inner-city ring, it used to be an operating airport until it closed in 2012.

Now the landing strips and the rest has been turned into a haven for city dwellers and wildlife. It’s the perfect place to get sporty.

Locals, young and old like to go cycling, rollerblading and wind skating, yes you read that correctly.

There’s even a skate park and a mini-golf area. You can also join in the fun and rent one of the many means of transport at the local rental place on the field.

If you just want to relax then take in the view and have a family picnic on one of the grassy areas. Locals BBQ there regularly on warm sunny days and the atmosphere can be electric.

3. On the River Spree

Who doesn’t love spending some time on the water? Renting a pedalo in Treptower Park and exploring a section of the river Spree is the perfect family activity on a nice warm summer’s day.

Treptower Park, Things to do in Berlin with Kids, Germany

You can even see some of the sightseeing highlights like the Alex communication tower and the Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge) as well as the aluminum sculpture Molecule Man.

This piece of art signifies the point where three areas of the city meet, you can even pilot your boat or pedalo underneath it.

4. Up Above

If you and your family aren’t afraid of heights and are ready to see berlin from above, then head up into the sky in the Weltballon (World Balloon).

Weltballon Berling Germany with Kids

This captive balloon ascends around 150 meters into the sky and is one of the largest in the world.

Hold on to your hat though or if you and any of your family members have long hair then you’re best off putting your hair up as it can get quite blustery up there.

Maybe this article all about different ponytail hairstyles might come in handy right about now? It certainly will help you keep your hair in check.

5. Snack Time

After that adrenaline rush, it might be time for a spot of lunch. If you are pushed for time and you can’t visit one of Berlin’s Kid-friendly restaurants, then you could try Berlin’s ultimate and favorite fast food, the currywurst.

This dish is made out of fried pork sausage which is cut into pieces and then doused in spicy ketchup and topped off with curry powder and served with fries, don’t knock it before you’ve tried it.

It’s quick and tasty lunch options and we are sure even picky eaters will be thrilled with this German sausage and fries combo.

6. Rainy Days

If it’s raining outside then heading to one of Berlin’s many museums is a fantastic idea and if your kids are majorly into dinosaurs, then the Naturkunde Museum (Natural History Museum) is the place to be.

Naturkunde Museum in Berling with Kids, Germany

There is a life-size dinosaur skeleton in the great hall of the museum, and many interactive zones throughout, not only your kids will have fun for hours, but you will too.

Another great interactive museum is the Technik Museum (Technology Museum). This houses life-sized boats and planes in its interior and has trains you can explore on the grounds, fun for the whole family.

7. Divided Past

Berlin was once a divided city. The fall of the wall lead to the city blossoming in the years to come, the city has made sure to not hide its troubled past and there are many interesting historical sights to see and learn about.

There’s the outdoor museum on Bernauerstraße (Bernauer Street) where the wall was actually built along, some of the walls still stand today.

You could also head to the east side gallery where another part of the wall still stands and where artists have had the chance to paint parts of the wall with their murals.

Learning about this difficult part of the city’s history is a real eye-opener.