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As travel enthusiasts, one of our favorite words comes from the German language: “fernweh.” It’s sometimes translated as “wanderlust,” but our German friends tell us that’s not exactly accurate. A better translation for fernweh is “homesickness” because it literally means “far-sickness.” 

Fernweh is more than wanderlust. It’s an aching to be out in the world, a longing for new places, a spiritual desire to feast your eyes on glorious vistas.

Since the impact of COVID-19 temporarily paused our ability to travel abroad, you can bet we have become intimately acquainted with “far-sickness.” We know you have, too.

This is why we curated our first-ever digital catalog so you can click here to browse our best upcoming Christian travels for 2021–2022! 

Discover Christian travel in the most scenic, sought-after places around the world. But most importantly, dream about connecting with your Creator as you get away with God.