Tambobong Beach & Colibra Island in Dasol, Pangasinan

Since this past summer, I realized that Pangasinan has been our favorite beach destination. We’ve been to Dasol and Anda, exploring the best islands and beaches in these towns.

Eloi and I enjoy the beach, so we always make it a point to have some quick trips to unwind and relax. Our first Pangasinan trip last summer was Dasol, the quiet town in the province known for its rich coastline.


It was late night when we boarded a bus in Cubao going to Alaminos. This is the popular and most convenient way of going to Dasol with a fare of Php 427. After traveling for 5 hours, we reached the town proper of Alaminos. It was about 6 AM and most establishments were still closed. We needed to have a quick breakfast and it’s a good thing we’ve found a Pansitan just near the bus terminal.

It was nice to sip our morning coffee, observing people and how they start their day while eating longsilog. Mornings are truly special especially when traveling.

After breakfast, we asked around and some locals said that there is actually a terminal of jeepneys there going to Dasol, or will pass through Dasol. But it was too early, so we had no choice but to go for the ordinary bus.

Tambobong Beach

Good morning from Tambobong Beach

Five Star Bus is the known bus company in Alaminos that has trips going to Dasol, These are actually buses going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales that will pass through Dasol. The drop-off point is the road that has a sign going to Tambobong Dasol. You can ask the driver or kundoktor to drop you off at this landmark to go to Tambobong. There are tricycle drivers ready to bring you to Tambobong beach.

The fare going to Tambobong beach is about Php 300. Yes, it’s quite far passing through some lush green hills and forest. Please get the number of your tricycle driver so you can contact him to fetch you the next day going back, in case you’ll only spend overnight in Dasol.


After about an hour of travel via tricycle, we’ve finally reached Dasol. The driver brought us directly to our resort, which is Tambobong Beach Rain’s Resort.


Tambobong Beach

Tambobong has its own unique beauty. The sand is not that white, but it’s pleasing to the eyes. It’s more yellowish. What I am trying to say is that it is beautiful but not as spectacular as Calaguas or Jomalig. I’m just setting your expectations.

Other bloggers can be too hyped sometimes, making you expect more than it should be, but again it is a good beach.

Tambobong Beach

Tambobong Beach

Also, I couldn’t clearly see the beauty of Tambobong that easily because the beach was filled with motorboats, which is understandable as Tambobong is more than anything else, is a fishing village. People here were just living their own quiet lives until social media came in and further exposed the place for tourism.

Tambobong Beach

Posong posing lang. hehe

Tambobong Beach

Magandang umaga…

If you need to experience a less crowded Tambobong beach (without many motorboats) just walk for a few meters to the left, going to the end of the beach with some rock formations. There, you will appreciate Tambobong beach more. Fewer motorboats, and even cleaner than the beach at the center.

We’ve experienced this part of the beach in the morning, and we enjoyed it. We took some photos knowing that our shots will be more sceneries.

Tambobong Beach

Siempre ako rin. hahaha

Tambobong Beach Map 


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Colibra Island

When you get to experience Tambobong Beach, you will have this feeling of wanting more. So I suggest that you avail of the tour or boat rental to Colibra Island (also spelled as Culebra) off the coast of Tambobong beach.

This is called Colibra Island or Snake Island because of the abundance of sea snakes, especially on the rocky parts. Luckily, we didn’t experience any sea snakes when we were there.

Our resort’s contact person coordinated everything, from finding the boat and all. For PHP 1,500, we got to experience Colibra island and a side trip to another island that looks like a crocodile.

It was just a 20-minute boat ride until we reached Colibra Island. The creamy-white sand and the turquoise waters already made an impression. It was summer at that time, so imagine the scorching heat of the sun. Good thing there are trees at the center of the island to give us some shade.

Colibra Island

Welcome to Colibra Island

There is an entrance fee of Php 50 for Adults and Php 20 for senior citizens. The entrance fee was already included in the Php 1500 payment for the boat rental. Please clarify this to your bangkero, as I am not sure if they will also cover that for you.

Colibra is just a small rocky islet. You can actually explore the entire island in just 15 minutes. Although a large part of it is full of rocks, so you better be careful.

Before we even enjoy swimming, you know the drill, right? It’s picture-taking time. LOL. The rugged beauty of Colibra is perfect for a more dramatic photo. Although there is a pristine beach in front, exploring it further will let you experience some rugged terrain.

Colibra Island

Pictorial sa Colibra Island hehe

Colibra Island

Hirap magpic sa likod ng mga halamanan ah. Effort para sa pag-ibig. LOL

There were some pretty exciting parts on the island. One of the most memorable is this natural pool that forms into a circle, perfect for swimming and more photo opportunity. You just have to be careful as the rocks can be slippery, and there are some sharp parts too. It is recommended that you bring your aqua shoes for protection.

Colibra Island

Ako rin may pangmalakasang piktyur hehe

Colibra Island


Colibra Island

Lumi-Leandro Baldemor. LOL

We literally circled the island, ending it on the main beach with its clear waters and pristine beach. What a perfect way to enjoy summer.

I was inspired by the beauty of Colibra Island that I was able to take more stunning photos of Eloi. Look.

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Colibra Island


Colibra Island


Eloi really wanted to maximize our time at Colibra island that she advised our bangkero to fetch us by 3 PM. Nice. So it means that I’m going to starve because there’s no sari-sari store or food on the island. I don’t know but whenever Eloi is at the beach, she’s always full of energy. I couldn’t keep up with her. LOL.

Colibra Island

Siempre may pic kaming dalawa.

It was already 3 PM when the boat arrived, and on our way back to Tambobong beach, we passed through another intriguing island, which is called the crocodile island.

Colibra Island

More stunning photos



Where to eat at Tambobong Beach, Dasol?

Finding a place to eat at Tambobong beach area is a challenge. Usually, guests would coordinate with their resort for paluto and all, but we came back at Tambobong at around 4 PM. There was no one to help us have something to eat, so we searched for any carinderias or eateries in town. It was not an easy task. LOL.

We walked and walked until we reached the basketball court and finally found a place to eat. It was already late afternoon, so there were very limited food choices. The good thing is the eatery also has a store, wherein the accommodating woman allowed us to buy some canned goods and she cooked it for us.

I was starving that day, so imagine my relief when I’ve finally eaten something. So, here is my tip for you. In case, you’re unable to ask the resort to cook something for you, walk to the left of the main road until reaching the basketball court, there’s an eatery there.


How to get to Tambobong Beach, Dasol

I’ve already shared with you how we were able to reach Tambobong in Dasaol via commute, but here is a more concise version.

  1. Take the bus in Cubao (Solid North or Five Star) going to Alaminos. Travel is about 5 hours and the fare is Php 427.
  2. Once you arrived in Alaminos, take the ordinary bus (Five Star) going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. The drop-off point is the signage going to Tambobong Dasol. Fare is about Php 60.
  3. There are tricycles there waiting for passengers. Ride a tricycle for Php 300 going to Tambobong.
  4. For private cars, of course, Waze is reliable.
Colibra Island

Drama lang hahaha


Tambobong Beach, Dasol Itinerary


 12 Midnight  Assembly in Cubao
 1:00 AM  ETD in Cubao
 6:00 AM  Arrival in Alaminos
 6:30 AM  Breakfast
 7:00 AM  ETD in Alaminos going to Dasol Highway
 8:00 AM  ETA in Dasol Highway
 8:10 AM  ETD going to Tambobong via tricycle
 9: 30 AM  ETA in Tambobong Beach in Dasol
 10: 00 AM  Check-in and rest
 11:30 AM  Early Lunch
 12:00 Noon  Travel by boat to Colibra Island
 12:20 PM  Arrival in Colibra Island
 1:00 PM  Explore Colibra Island
 4:00 PM  Back in Tambobong Beach
 4:30 PM  Meryenda
 6:00 PM  Early Dinner
 8:00 PM  Rest
 9:00 PM  Lights off and sleep


 6:30 AM  Wake Up
 7:00 AM  Breakfast
 8:00 AM   Swimming and Explore the Beach
 10:00 AM  Travel back to Dasol highway
 12:00 N  Back in Alaminos
 5:00 PM  Back in Manila