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The Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship: a Time Magazine’s Top Destination

Time magazine publishes an annual list of the “World’s Greatest Places,” identifying 100 unique destinations they recommend to their readers. This list of unforgettable places includes an array of museums, parks, hotels and even exceptional cruise ships.

Charming villages and enchanting views make the sun-kissed Mediterranean coast the perfect place to draw closer to God. The awe-inspiring Celebrity Edge is simply the superb vehicle transporting us there! 

The Celebrity Edge

The Celebrity Edge cruise ship captured attention immediately once announced. Its innovative design of interiors focuses on the experience of the sea and shoreline destinations. Cruise to new places while enjoying luxurious accommodations. The two spaces that best capture the essence of the ship’s magnificent design are its Magic Carpet and glass-wrapped Eden event space. 

Magic Carpet on the Celebrity Edge

The Magic Carpet is the most distinctive feature of Celebrity Edge: the world’s first cantilevered, elevator-like platform that reaches 13 stories above sea level. Imagine relaxing in the open air with panoramic views. Sip a steaming cup of coffee as you stare at the boundless sea. This transformative space is designed with comfortable seating, a full bar and space for live music performances, providing a distinct experience on every deck it visits.

The Magic Carpet accommodates 100 guests and can extend from any one of the ship’s decks. From Deck 5, it becomes an al fresco dining experience. At Deck 14, it extends the main pool area. On Deck 2, it even serves as a tender platform for passengers catching boats to shore. This extraordinary feature is just one of the reasons Forbes magazine recently called the billion-dollar Celebrity Edge, “the coolest cruise ship at sea.”

Eden is often called a “room that lives” because nature is so present in every design element. For Christian travelers, both the name and space invite reflection on God’s original design for us and the relationship He restored with us through Christ. Entering Eden is like entering a garden whose space expands upward across three decks with almost 7,000 square feet of glass windows as the backdrop. Enjoy a refreshing quiet time with the Lord surrounded by lush plants, a physical reminder of the life He gives us and our growing faith. 

Eden on the Celebrity Edge

Travel can be more than a vacation. We create one-of-a-kind, spiritually resonate experiences featuring life-giving worship and teaching to propel believers forward in their faith. We dedicate ourselves to first-class excellence, and we know that the travelers joining us on Sandi Patty’s cruise, just a year away, will delight in every artful detail of the Celebrity Edge. 

It’s obvious why Time magazine named it a top destination. If you’re ready to experience all of this for yourself as you savor God-inspired moments among the ancient ruins and awe-inspiring, we hope you will join us for an exceptional travel experience.