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How Travel Increases Happiness

As we consider what brings us joy, we’ve realized just how important time with loved ones is. This is why so many people love traveling with others. It boosts happiness!

Inspiration Travelers, Mount Precipice, Israel

Experiences, Not Things

And now, science has confirmed what we always felt. For years, Cornell psychology professor Thomas Gilovic has been studying the connection between purchases and happiness. His research shows that the personal impact of “retail therapy”—finding happiness in new possessions—is extremely short-lived. Over time, people become much less satisfied with material things. 

“We buy things to make us happy,” says Gilovic, “and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.” 

Gilovic concluded his study by summarizing that people find more happiness by spending their money on unique experiences like travel. Happiness from material possessions goes down over time, but satisfaction from experiences actually goes up.

That’s because experiences become a part of who we are and continue to provide dividends as we smile over special moments, share stories with new friends and reflect back with those who were there with us. Once-in-a-lifetime moments shape us as individuals by creating memories we’ll never forget.

Inspiration Travelers, Alaska

A Lifetime of Remarkable Memories

While no possession on earth can bring us lasting joy, there are faith-inspiring Christian travel experiences that can highlight and expand happiness. They are also an investment in the people we love as we enjoy and share the journey. What we see and experience expands our appreciation for God as we discover more of the beautiful world He has created.

In Alaska we are introduced to the majesty of the Creator’s power. The Caribbean opens our eyes to the beauty of creation while exploring the Mediterranean invites us to learn about the early Church. Experiences in Israel take us deep into the history of our faith. 

Inspiration Travelers, Israel

That’s why we’re committed to creating experiences that make us happier while giving people the opportunity to grow deeper in their relationships and closer to God.

The connections made during these exceptional travel experiences are meaningful and abiding; the happiness that results does not fade. In fact, it’s not happiness but true biblical joy—an exhilarating gladness that derives from fulfilling relationships, lasting memories, and deep spiritual growth.

Travel is the perfect investment for a life filled with meaning. That’s because the joy is the journey, not just the destination. Those moments we spend sharing laughs and swapping stories with loved ones, create memories that last a lifetime.