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France, Greece and Portugal are the latest European countries to relax COVID-19 travel restrictions

France, Greece and Portugal are the latest countries to have each updated their entry requirements for fully vaccinated travellers which will come as welcome news for many UK families wanting to go away for February half-term. Here’s what you need to know for each country:


France has revealed its plans to drop testing requirements for vaccinated travellers who are able to show proof of a negative COVID test on arrival in the country. However, they have yet to announce exactly when this changes comes into play (although it is expected to be soon). Until then, anyone travelling to France from outside the EU, including the UK, is required to show a negative COVID test result taken within 48 hours of travel, regardless of their vaccination status.


As of yesterday, you can visit Greece without prior testing if you’re vaccinated, as the country no longer requires pre-departure tests from those who have received a full vaccination course, so long as it was administered within 270 days before travel. Arrivals that have had their second jab more than 270 days ago will need to have had a booster.



Portugal has announced that it is dropping its requirement to present a negative COVID test for air passengers arriving with a valid digital EU certificate or recognised proof of vaccination. Like France, though, exactly when the change is to be implemented is yet to be unveiled, but the current rules are meant to be in force only until tomorrow (9th February 2022) so this change could be imminent.