Another island province that’s overflowing with countless natural wonders and must-visit attractions is “The Heart of the Philippines” itself, Marinduque. The province’s geographical shape and location incredibly signify that of a human heart as well as its location on the map.

Marinduque is situated between the gorgeous Tayabas Bay and the Sibuyan Sea, making the beaches all around the island extremely popular for their pristine and world-class beauty. Oh, and deep within the mountains of Marinduque, you’ll also find more precious gems like beautiful cave systems, sparkling waterfalls, and animal sanctuaries where you can definitely become closer than ever to nature.


Oh, and aside from Marinduque’s spectacular natural features, the island is also blessed with a rich culture and colorful history. One of the Philippines’ most anticipated festivals, the Moriones Festival is being hosted by Marinduque where thousands of guests and tourists from different parts of the country visit the province. Several cultural landmarks and breathtaking attractions are also scattered all around Marinduque, which are perfect to accommodate tourists all year round. And of course, your wondrous journey to Marinduque wouldn’t be complete without having a gastronomical food adventure, right? Yup! There are Miki, Manakla, Tinudtod, Ulang-Ulang, and the most famous Arrowroot or Uraro Cookies that you shouldn’t miss.

See? Be prepared to immerse yourselves into the amazing culture of one of the Philippines’ most beautiful islands. I’m sure that this will yet again be a memorable vacation for you! So, what are you waiting for? Pack your things and come with me as we explore the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Marinduque!

1. Maniwaya Island

First on our list as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Marinduque is the wondrous and secluded beauty of Maniwaya Island. This tropical paradise is situated in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque is relatively remote and unpopulated. Well, that just means that you can enjoy all the breathtaking features of Maniwaya Island such as its turquoise waters, white sands, and pristine vibe all to yourself!

Maniwaya Island Marinduque

You can try some exciting water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding which are hosted by some resorts on the island. Of course, do your best and take amazing pictures all you want! Oh, and you also wouldn’t want to miss the mesmerizing sunset that will truly take your breath away. Well, just go and have fun!


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2. Mongpong Island

Another must-visit island destination in Marinduque is Mongpong Island, which is known for its gigantic rock formations and crystal clear waters. One attraction that would definitely stand out is the Ungab Rock Formation, which seemingly resembles that of a land bridge that protrudes all the way to the ocean. There’s a small hole carved at the base of this colossal body which allows tourists to wade or swim safely onto the other side.

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque

Ungab Rock Formation

It’s safe to say that your trip to Marinduque wouldn’t be complete without taking your picture of this attraction! There are several white sand beaches around Mongpong Island where you can spend the whole time swimming and basking under the sun. Just ask your bangkero to guide you through all of them and you’re all good!

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3. Poctoy White Beach

The gentle and fine white sands of Poctoy White Sand Beach are our next destination and it’s truly something you shouldn’t miss. The beach stretches for about one kilometer and features several landmarks that paint the perfect background for your incredible photoshoot! With the crystalline waters, white sands, lush forest, and the majestic Mt. Malindig waving at the back, I’m sure that you’ll have lots of Instagram-worthy photos during your trip!

Poctoy White Beach

Photo by Marinduque Gov

The waters here at Poctoy White Sand Beach are very calm and relaxing, perfect for feel-good water sports activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming. It’s also located far from the busy city so expect to enjoy a peaceful and serene vacation. CHECK THE BEST RESORTS & HOTELS IN MARINDUQUE HERE


4. Mount Malindig

Ah, there it is. The majestic peak towers over the entire island of Marinduque. Mount Malindig is the highest mountain on Marinduque Island with an elevation of 1,157 meters above sea level. It is considered an andesitic stratovolcano and is known for the sharp boulders atop its peak. Don’t worry though because there are no recent eruptions recorded from Mt. Malindig so hiking and trekking activities are highly encouraged.

Given the breathtaking natural features of Marinduque, it’s safe to say that the 360° panoramic view on top of Mt. Malindig is absolutely breathtaking. Well, that’s exactly why a lot of hikers and tourists who’ve been to Mt. Malindig say that it is indeed a must-do experience when you visit Marinduque!


5. Tres Reyes Islands

Composed of the three magnificent islands of Melchor, Baltazar, and Gaspar, another spectacular wonder you should explore in Marinduque is known as the Tres Reyes Islands. This is the island hopping tour you shouldn’t miss in Marinduque which features an unforgettable trip to all of these three islands and enjoying their undeniable beauty such as crystal clear waters, soft white sands, and tropical paradise vibes.

Tres Reyes Islands

Photo by Destimap

You can also go snorkeling, swimming, or beach bumming in all these islands while admiring their beauty and of course, taking amazing photos as well! There are many rare and colorful species of marine and aquatic animals nestled within the Tres Reyes Islands so grab the chance to visit and be enchanted by all these incredible creatures.

Allotting a whole day of your Marinduque escapade to experience the island hopping adventure in Tres Reyes Islands will absolutely be worth it because you will then have already visited one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines.


6. Bagumbungan Cave

Bagumbungan Cave is another one of Marinduque’s best-kept secrets which are undoubtedly among the Philippines’ most beautiful cave systems. If you’re a huge fan of adventures and exploring the unknown, then taking on the challenge of traversing the slopes of Bagumbungan Cave should be the perfect experience for you. It is considered a Class II Cave, which means that some of its parts are restricted and can only be explored with the help of a trained guide.

Bagumbungan Cave

Photo by Marinduque News

The enormous cave features huge boulders, pillars, and rocks that seemingly store lots of mysteries within. They say that it is extremely quiet inside and that the only sound you’ll hear while exploring Bagumbungan Cave is your very breath. Well, once you’ve mustered all the required strength and courage to overcome this challenge, I’d say that it will all be worth it in the end. So don’t back down!


7. Kawa-Kawa Falls

After finishing your quest to explore Bagumbungan Cave, I’d say that the perfect way to replenish your strength is by taking a relaxing bath at Kawa-Kawa Falls. This small waterfall stands at only about 15 feet but with a deep and wide pool where visitors can dive and swim all they want!

Kawa-Kawa Falls

Photo by Langtaw

The crystal clear waters cascading down the beautiful rock formations of Kawa-Kawa Falls will surely help you soothe and regenerate your body to prepare for another adventure. Well, the fall is indeed a precious gem worth visiting, so I hope you don’t mind a little bit more hiking and trekking!


8. Paadjao Falls

Have you ever seen a natural jacuzzi where several layers of huge rocks form a pool flowing with cold and refreshing water? If not, then get ready to witness another spectacular beauty when you visit the famous Paadjao Falls of Mogpog, Marinduque! The gentle cascades of the waterfalls sum up to a 15-foot fall that’s relatively safe and perfect for outdoor lovers. Paadjao Falls is also a nice and popular spot for picnics, camping, stargazing, and more. It’s a go-to summer attraction for locals as well so expect to see lots of people, especially during humid days.


9. Boac Cathedral

After exploring almost every natural attraction Marinduque has, it’s now time to learn more about its rich culture and colorful history. Well, one of the best ways to do that is by visiting the Immaculate Conception Cathedral or simply, the Boac Cathedral.

This Roman Catholic Church was founded way back in the 16th century and up to this day, it serves as the center of religion for Marinduque. Boac Cathedral in itself is already a must-visit architectural wonder as the design and structure of the church are perfectly preserved and overflowing with history. Dropping by Boac Cathedral during your visit to Marinduque is definitely the perfect chance to offer your respects and prayers. So be sure to include it on your list!


10. Gasan Butterfly Garden

Up next, did you know that Marinduque is also home to the place heralded as the “Butterfly Capital of the Philippines”? Yup! Gasan, Marinduque famously got its nickname for providing 85% of our country’s butterfly and pupa exports. This is the main reason why butterfly farming became the number one source of livelihood in Gasan, which they are absolutely most proud of! So, are you ready?

Our next destination is no other than the famous Gasan Butterfly Garden which houses thousands of species of butterflies as well as colorful plants and flowers. Visiting Gasan truly promises a visually satisfying experience for everyone whether you’re a nature lover or not. All you have to do is to open your eyes and witness some of nature’s unbelievable creations. That’s it!


11. Malbog Sulfur Spring

Another perfect place to spend your well-deserved relaxing vacation is the famous Malbog Sulfur Spring of Buenavista, Marinduque. This natural hot spring is located at the base of the majestic Mt. Malinidig, which is known as a potentially active stratovolcano. Expect to soothe and relax at the warm temperatures of Malbog Sulfur Spring’s waters all you want!

The water naturally contains sulfur which is regarded by many as an effective cure and treatment for several skin diseases. It’s actually the major reason why lots of tourists from different parts of the country visit Malbog Sulfur Spring! Some even bring their own bottles just to bring home sulfuric water.


12. Luzon Datum

Well, we’ve mentioned that Marinduque is regarded as the “Heart of the Philippines”, right? Aside from being shaped like a heart geographically, Marinduque is also positioned at the center of our country where the heart should be ideally located. And to prove our claim even more, why don’t we visit the iconic Luzon Datum or Station Balanacan which is acknowledged by NAMRIA? Yup! This stone marker is placed on top of a hill called Mt. Mataas and is officially recognized by NAMRIA as the Luzon Datum of 1911.

In other words, this particular stone marker remains to be the primary geodetic origin or reference of all geological surveys in the entire Philippines! I gotta say, that’s a pretty mind-blowing fact right there.

Luzon Datum

Photo by Marinduque News

Oh, and aside from admiring this historical landmark, visitors can also have the chance to enjoy the picturesque scenery on top of Mt. Mataas where you can clearly see the beauty of lush mountains and the breathtaking horizon from afar. So be sure to take amazing photos!


13. Bathala Cave

Tucked deep within Barangay Ipil in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque is a mystical cave that’s undeniably worthy of its name. Bathala Cave became popular because locals believe that a lot of mysteries and supernatural powers are being held inside the complex cave system. It is said that there are a total of seven caves inside Bathala Cave but only four are allowed to be explored due to safety reasons. The first one is the Simbahan Cave which incredibly resembles that of an ancient church due to the beautiful rock formations that seemingly create an altar. Next, is the Python Cave which is guarded by a python and thousands of bats hanging from the ceiling. The Underground Cave on the other hand is said to keep a breathtaking underground river. Finally, the fourth cave is known as the Cemetery Cave because several buried remains of men were found inside it. It is believed that these are the remains of World War II soldiers.

Enchanted or not, Bathala Cave is indeed a haven for trekking and spelunking enthusiasts out there. The challenge is up for every brave adventurer out there so be sure not to back down!


14. Mang Iliol’s Sunflower Farm

After conquering the challenge of exploring Bathala Cave, why don’t we relax for a bit and enjoy another light and refreshing attraction in Marinduque? Yup! Our next destination is no other than Mang Iliol’s Sunflower Garden. This is one of the newest trending attractions in Marinduque which definitely catches the attention of many tourists. It’s a perfect place to take some awesome pictures as a remembrance of your Marinduque getaway as well. Oh, and of course, the Sunflower Garden is also a beautiful addition to your mandatory social media post!


15. St. Joseph Parish

Finally, we’re ending our amazing Marinduque trip by visiting and giving thanks at the St. Joseph Parish of Gasan, Marinduque. This beautiful church is situated on top of a hill so aside from the beautiful architecture and interior of the church, visitors are also treated to a breathtaking panoramic view of Gasan.

There’s a steep climb before you can reach the top of the hill where St. Joseph Parish is located but the challenge is absolutely worth it in the end! There’s also a place regarded as the Meditation Garden within the church which is a perfect spot to quietly admire the scenery and even take awesome pictures. It’s definitely a perfect opportunity to offer our prayers and give thanks for another safe and memorable adventure!