We all need time to relax and enjoy, right? Especially if you’re living in the metro, chances are you’re always stressed and often burned out because of work. Well, that’s just how it is, really. We need to grind and work hard! But as I’ve said, we also need time to rest and recuperate our physical strength and most importantly, mental health. But, where should we go exactly?

Most of us have 8-5 jobs every day. We only have free time during the weekend. So, to help you find the perfect places to spend your weekend getaway in the best way possible, join me as we both explore and discover the hidden gems of Tanay, Rizal! Located at only about a two-hour drive from Manila, you’ll get to experience a whole lot of nature as well as fun and exciting activities of the province!


The fresh mountain air, the breathtaking view of the sea of clouds, and must-try cafés and restaurants are all scattered within the beautiful municipality of Tanay, Rizal. Some of the most famous attractions in Tanay are Mount Daraitan, Daranak Falls,Treasure Mountain, Regina Rica, and the Pililla Wind Farm. All of these are worth visiting and discovering especially if you’re a certified nature lover! Well, if you’re planning to spend the weekend with your family and have fun in Tanay, you should know some of the best resorts to accommodate your stay, right?

Oh well, looks like it’s your lucky day once again because today, we’ll be talking about the 7 Best Resorts in Tanay Rizal. Are you ready? I sure hope you are! Let’s go!

1. Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp

We’ll be starting with Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp! This 3-star hotel located in Sitio Mayagay offers an all-in experience for families who want to relax and go on adventures in the rugged mountains of Southern Luzon. With premium yet affordable rooms to choose from, Ten Cents really is one of the most budget-friendly hotels you can find in Tanay.

Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp 3

Aside from offering accommodation services that would give you the highest degree of comfort and convenience for the lowest price, the facilities and amenities of Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp are remarkable as well! There’s an indoor swimming pool, a huge and wide garden, and a restaurant where guests can eat delicious Filipino dishes. Oh, and one of the resort’s main attractions is their very own zipline and other outdoor activities which are perfect for adrenaline junkies out there! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE



2. Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel

Next up, we’ll be staying at Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel! Tucked within the lush green forests of Tanay is an exceptional resort that wonderfully promotes the beauty of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

Strategically located in Sitio Bathala, Tanay, Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel promise its guests a memorable encounter with nature as well as a peaceful and serene mountain vibe. The hotel is also accredited by the Department of Tourism with 3 stars. The major attraction of the resorts is their man-made waterfalls and outdoor swimming pools where guests are invited to take a dip and swim all they want. The rooms are also well-equipped with great facilities and amenities so you are assured to enjoy a comfortable staycation.

Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel

There’s also a spa within Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel so if you want to take a quick break and rejuvenate, this is where you should go! The main highlight of the resort is it’s situated right at the heart of the forest. So simply walking and wandering around will already make you feel like you’re doing an amazing jungle adventure. The resort also has a mini zoo where you can meet lovely animals up close, so don’t miss out! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


3. Bakasyunan Resort

From the name itself, Bakasyunan Resort definitely is one of the most popular choices for staycation and vacations in Tanay Rizal. It’s located along Marilaque Highway so it’s very accessible whether you’re traveling via private car, motorcycle, or even public transport. The spectacular view, the gorgeous accommodation rooms, the stylish outdoor swimming pool, and the exciting activities are just some of the highlighted attractions in Bakasyunan Resort.

Bakasyunan Resort

The villas are elegantly designed and well-furnished with premium facilities like air conditioners, a spacious bathroom, and of course, a fast internet connection! There are also several cottages available for rent which are reserved for day tour guests. Whether you’re going on a quick escapade with your family, friends, or even workmates, Bakasyunan Resort is absolutely one of the top choices to consider! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


4. Palaya Eco-Natural Farm

Ah, if you’re an outdoor lover and really want to have a close encounter with nature, then booking a stay with Palaya Eco-Natural Farm is definitely the right choice. Located along Santa Ines Road, this 68-hectare farmland offers tourists a chance to experience the everyday lives of our hard-working farmers. Palaya Eco-Natural Farm generates a livelihood for over 500 families through their wide plantations of different fruits and vegetables like lettuce, papaya, and their main product, dragon fruits.

There are available cottages for rent for those who are planning to book a day tour package but you can also bring your own camping equipment for a more authentic experience! Aside from camping, there’s also a natural stream where you can take a quick dip and relax. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the chance to buy some of Palaya Eco-Natural Farm’s fresh produce of fruits and vegetables as your pasalubong!


5. Martessem Mountain Resort

Ah, how about a chance to enjoy some delicious lunch up in the skies? Here in Martessem Mountain Resort, you’ll get a chance to breathe in the breathtaking views while filling up your bellies with an outstanding fix of Filipino favorites at about 200 feet above sea level! It’s conveniently located along the Marikina-Infanta Highway which is very accessible. Martessem is actually a top destination for motorcycle rider groups so expect to see a lot of them along the way. Although it’s a 3-star hotel, day tour guests are still welcome to spend their day and have a fulfilling lunch. Parking and entrance fees are already waived if you choose to eat your lunch inside!

Martessem Mountain Resort

Photo of Martessem Resort FB Page

Of course, don’t forget to bring your cameras because you will surely take lots and lots of amazing photos during your stay. There’s also a swimming pool within the resort but it’s exclusively available only for check-in guests. Nevertheless, have fun!


6. Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

Our next destination is the amazing Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort. It’s also located along the Marikina-Infanta Highway and is highlighted by its relaxing forest landscape which is a perfect weekend getaway for everyone! The resort is incredibly brimming with lush green plants and greeneries, giving guests a chance to breathe in fresh mountain air all they want. Some of the attractions of Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort are its very own waterfall, outdoor swimming pool, and the famous Prayer Mountain.

Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

Photo of TripAdvisor

This is exactly the reason why Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort became a top destination for pilgrimages as well as team-buildings, retreats, and family gatherings. If you want to enjoy a piece of Baguio City, Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort is definitely the closest thing to it just around the city!


7. Pranjetto Hills Resort and Conference Center

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the Pranjetto Hills Resort and Conference Center. It’s perfectly located in Sitio Mayagay and offers a whole lot of fun and exciting activities for everyone! This 10-hectare resort complex features cozy and elegant rooms that can accommodate all kinds of guests whether it’s for wedding celebrations, team-building activities, retreats, and more.

Pranjetto Hills Resort and Conference Center is also fully-equipped with spacious conference rooms that are well-suited for seminars, workshops, training, and such. There is also an endless list of outdoor activities you can try such as their zipline, paintball battleground, obstacle courses, and of course, their crystal clear swimming pool!