Now that the summer season has started in the Philippines, more and more people are eager to go on much-deserved vacations after being locked down for almost two (2) years. Well, now that the COVID-19 cases in our country are decreasing dramatically and the health restrictions are being lifted gradually, it’s definitely the perfect time to enjoy the summer and relax with your family and loved ones!

So, if you’re looking for the best place near Manila to spend your summer getaways, then visiting the beautiful province of Laguna would be a perfect choice! Aside from being known as the historic birthplace of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, Laguna is also blessed with countless cultural tourist destinations that we all must give a chance to visit! Moreover, there are also several natural wonders scattered all over the province like waterfalls, rivers, hot springs, lakes, caves, and many more.


The best part? Laguna is only less than two (2) hours away from Metro Manila! And with the continuous development of our country’s tolls and expressways, the travel time to the south has also been reduced dramatically. So, are you in? Get ready as we both visit and explore the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Laguna!

1. Seven Lakes

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Laguna is the Seven Lakes of San Pablo. If you want to become closer to nature and witness the pristine ecosystem of Laguna, then this is probably the best choice for you! The Seven Lakes are Bunot, Calibato, Mohicap, Palakpakin, Pandin, Sampaloc, and Yambo Lake.

Pandin Lake Seven Lakes

Credit: Pandin Lake FB

All of these can be explored via bamboo rafts where you can also enjoy eating fresh seafood and delicious meals prepared by the locals. It is also said that the most beautiful lake among the seven is Yambo Lake. This is because it’s the farthest and hardest to reach of them all, making the lake’s condition beautifully pristine. CHECK THE BEST RESORTS IN LAGUNA HERE




2. Pagsanjan Falls

The Pagsanjan Falls of Laguna is undoubtedly one of the icons of Philippine tourism for a long time now. It is a majestic three-tiered waterfall standing at approximately 300 feet! The crystalline sparkling waters, beautiful rock formations, and cold natural pools are just some of the amazing features of Pagsanjan Falls because the journey itself en route to the national landmark is also as beautiful and exciting! You would have to hike and trek your way to Pagsanjan Falls or choose to ride a canoe on the way down.

Pagsanjan Falls

Credit: Flickr / Rainier Medina

Given that Pagsanjan Falls has already been a famous natural attraction for a long time, a corresponding entrance fee is being charged for tourists entering the area. Don’t worry though because the funds will be used to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of Pagsanjan Falls.


3. Hulugan Falls

Another scenic natural wonder in Laguna is no other than the Hulugan Falls. Its majestic cascades stand stall at about 235 feet in height and the water is also extremely cold and crystal clear. You might want to bring a waterproof camera because capturing the breathtaking beauty of Hulugan Falls is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Hulugan Falls, San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna

closer to the falls. just Wow!

Hulugan Falls Luisiana Laguna

Groufie! Photo Credit: Ms. Charity Joy Sy

Just like any other waterfalls in the region, tourists would have to trek down the trail to reach Hulugan Falls. It might be quite challenging but it’s definitely worth it in the end, trust me!

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4. Talay Falls

Ah, Talay Falls is a must-visit sparkling waterfall in Luisiana, Laguna is widely known for its two-tiered beauty. The first cascade directly comes from the heart of the mountain so get ready to enjoy seeing beautiful rock formations and picture-taking! The second cascade flows into a wide pool of water so this is the perfect area for some nice swimming and even diving!

Talay Falls Luisiana Laguna

galak na galak? LOL!

Compared to the other waterfalls found in Laguna, the trail to reach Talay Falls is relatively easier. So don’t back out from the challenge and get to enjoy some of nature’s best creations!

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5. Bato Springs

Ah, yes. Bato Springs Resort of San Pablo, Laguna is a very beautiful hidden gem of the province featuring fresh-flowing spring waters that are extremely cold and crystal clear! The resort is also surrounded by lush green trees and plants that will make you feel as if you’re bathing inside the jungle. The main attraction in Bato Springs is the man-made waterfall still filled with cold, crystalline waters!

It’s also a perfect spot to take Instagrammable photos because it would seem as if you’re meditating and training below a huge waterfall. Moreover, you may also rent cottages where you and your family can eat and rest while enjoying the day tour in Bato Springs Resort.


6. Aliw Falls

Ah, from the name itself, I’m sure that you will definitely enjoy a good time here at Aliw Falls. It is another hidden gem of Luisiana, Laguna which is a multi-tiered waterfall with enchanting rock formations that will absolutely blow your minds away. The stunning scenery of the falls itself is truly mesmerizing because it’s like a tall staircase flowing with crystal clear waters all the way down.

Aliw Falls Luisiana Laguna

Aside from filling up your phone’s memory with spectacular photos, you can also enjoy swimming and chilling at Aliw Falls’ wide natural pool!

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7. Mt. Makiling

Mount Makiling is easily one of the most iconic natural landmarks in the country. Legends say that the mountain resembles a woman’s body lying on the ground, it is even believed that the mountain is Maria Makiling’s body itself. Actually, Mt. Makiling is an inactive stratovolcano frequently visited by hikers and adventure-seekers from different parts of the country.

Mt. Makiling

Credit: Travel Jepar

With an elevation of 1,090 meters above sea level, Mt. Makiling easily became a favorite hiking spot for many. Aside from mountain climbing and camping activities, Mt. Makiling is also known as a sacred mountain for several pilgrims and religious groups. That’s why it was declared an ASEAN Heritage Park last 2013 with the hopes of preserving its natural stunning beauty.


8. Dampalit Falls

Another must-visit natural wonder in Laguna is the breathtaking Dampalit Falls of Los Baños, Laguna. It’s actually located within Mt. Makiling Nature Reserve so expect to trek down a trail first before reaching this enchanting waterfall.

Dampalit Falls

Credit: ShoestringDiary

The cascade stands tall at about 86 meters with a small natural pool below. The water is amazingly clear blue and very cold so I’m sure that your trek on the way down will be worth it!


9. Rizal Shrine

The next one is undoubtedly the most important historical landmark in our country because it is the birthplace of none other than our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The Rizal Shrine of Calamba is the two-storey reproduction of Rizal’s actual house featuring traditional designs from his time. It also contains dozens of valuable memorabilia of Dr. Jose Rizal from his childhood up to his adulthood.

Rizal Shrine

Credit: Wikipedia

The Rizal Shrine is actually the number one destination for almost all of the schools’ field trips. An estimated 270,000 tourists visit the shrine annually to learn more about its culture and history.


10. Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Another important piece of national history located in Laguna is the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. This is a Baroque-style Roman Catholic Cemetery built in the year 1845. It served as a burial site for townspeople but the underground section served as the resting place for important people and Spanish friars. Today, the cemetery is declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Credit: Wikipedia

An amazing trivia about the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is that it was not only used as a burial site during the war because it was also used as a secret meeting place for Katipuneros. It is said that the iconic Pact of Biak-na-Bato actually happened in this very cemetery.


11. Pila Heritage Site

Next up, the Pila Heritage Site of Pila, Laguna, is another must-visit cultural wonder in the province known for the perfectly-preserved traditional Spanish-style town layout. Ancestral houses, churches, and central squares are all in pristine condition letting tourists admire and witness what it was like living in the Spanish Colonial Era.

Pila Heritage Site

Credit: Yrec Mistal / Facebook

Pila is like the famous attractions in Vigan and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar where you can take Instagrammable photos thanks to the captivating ambiance and landscape of the place. Some of the top attractions in Pila are the Shrine of San Antonio de Padua, Pila Square and Museum, and the Alava Ancestral House.


12. Japanese Garden

Located in Cavinti, Laguna, the famous Japanese Garden was built by Japan in order to commemorate the bravery and heroism of the Japanese soldiers that fought during World War II. It is also the resting place of General Yamashita of the iconic Yamashita Treasure. Moreover, the garden also symbolizes the peace between the Philippines and Japan.

Today, the garden serves as a relaxing place to visit for locals and tourists as well. The clean and green surroundings make a perfect destination for walking, picture-taking, and just chilling with your family and friends.


13. Mt. Banahaw

Mt. Banahaw is like the older sister of Mt. Makiling because it’s a complex three-peaked active volcano bounding the provinces of Laguna and Quezon. Towering with an elevation of 2,170 meters above sea level, Mount Banahaw is easily the highest peak and dominates the landscapes of the entire CALABARZON region. Mt. Banahaw is indeed a very special mountain not only because of its amazing natural features but because of its apparent magical capabilities.

Mt. Banahaw

Credit: Wikipedia

Numerous reports state that many locals believe Mt. Banahaw emits incredible psychic energy that’s capable of performing miraculous physical and spiritual healings. This is why hundreds of pilgrims, faith healers, and psychics flock to the mountain to seek wisdom and guidance from the mountain spirits.

On the other hand, countless tourists from all over the country also explore Mount Banahaw to satisfy their hunger for adventure. Being one of the tallest mountains in the country, Mount Banahaw became a haven for hikers, trekkers, and mountain climbers! The abundant ecosystem, the challenging trail, and the breathtaking view on the summit are truly worth the hardships, you know!


14. Enchanted Kingdom

Well, the Philippine version of Disneyland can indeed be found in Laguna as well! The one and the only Enchanted Kingdom or better known as “EK” is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, which is primarily visited by countless tourists from all over the country. The theme park covers a huge area of 25 hectares filled with fun and exciting rides and attractions that will make the kid in you extremely happy!

There’s a total of 30 attractions inside the theme park and EK continuously creates new ones to extend the fun and excitement for all visitors! Some of the theme park’s most famous attractions are the Space Shuttle, Anchor’s Away, Extreme Tower, Wheel of Fate, and the Jungle Log Jam!

Of course, there are also numerous food stalls located inside the theme park where tourists can eat, drink, and rest during their stay. The EK Food Hall features delicious choices like the Amazon Grill, Jungle Wraps, Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor Shop, and many more! Moreover, there’s also a retail shop where visitors may buy official apparel, souvenirs, and toys! There’s the Princess Victoria’s Dream Shop for your little girl’s dresses and gowns, Harry Houdini’s Magic Shop for awesome souvenirs and magic toys, and lastly, the Pugad Concept Store featuring awesome Filipino creations as well.

Spending a whole fun day with your family here at EK has long been a beautiful tradition for families ever since it was established.


15. Nuvali Park

Finally, Nuvali Park is probably the latest and newest rising attraction located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Nuvali started to become famous as the go-to stopover for several Filipinos traveling to nearby provinces. But as the years went by, Nuvali was beautifully developed and designed to accommodate tourists who are looking for fun and exciting activities in the province of Laguna.

Nuvali Park

Credit: Nuvali / Ayala Land

Today, Nuvali Park consists of several attractions like bike trails, a 4-hectare multifunctional lake, countless retail shops, the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, The Fields at Nuvali, and the Republic Wakepark. Essentially, Nuvali became a huge mall offering travelers a one-stop-shop essential and exciting experiences!