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Why Travel is the Greatest Gift

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This is the season when we collectively shift our thoughts to giving. With the holidays around the corner you may have your eyes on that new gadget or article of clothing for the special people in your life. Those make wonderful presents, especially when we put thought and effort into them. But as always, material things are temporary. We appreciate and value them, but they don’t always last. The best gifts endure beyond the moment.

This year consider giving your loved ones the gift of Christian travel: a life-changing tour of Israel, a sun-filled Caribbean cruise or an inspirational Alaska cruise with a beloved Bible teacher or your favorite music artist. Whether these journeys take you and your loved ones to the heart of Jerusalem or along a spectacular coast, the experiences you share will extend for a lifetime.


Worship at the Garden Tomb

Worship at the Garden Tomb

You wake up at dawn at a new destination. Yesterday you arrived in this stunning resort region, checked in to one of the area’s best hotels and made sure to get up early to catch a sunrise. After all, how often do you wake up in a place you’ve been reading about for decades?

Birds chirp overhead. A cool breeze carries a refreshing aroma. You approach the lake as its waters gently lap against the shore. As you watch the first rays of the sun spill over the hills in the distant horizon, something else catches your eye: a solitary fishing boat. You remember a Bible verse from your childhood. 

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19).

Your breath catches. It’s because you’re in Israel, standing on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus spoke those ancient, familiar words. A resort region today, this biblical destination is as beautiful and serene as anywhere you’ve visited. But beyond the natural setting, you feel God’s distinct presence here. It’s a sacred moment unlike any you’ve experienced in your journey of faith—an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ words in the place He actually lived, ministered and changed the world.

Whispering a prayer of gratitude for this moment, you wonder how you will even begin to describe the experience to your family and friends back home. Travel is always an adventure, but this has felt like far more than that. It’s been a spiritual homecoming. You’ve had breathtaking moment after moment to encounter God in a fresh way and you’ll never be the same.


Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico

Why? Because we are wired to remember new and unique experiences. Experiencing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the towering glaciers of Alaska or the stunning cliffs and picturesque villages of the Mediterranean leaves a lasting imprint on our brains. 

There’s never a bad place or time to immerse yourself in God’s Word. But imagine reading your Bible in the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen. You’re far away from home and the distractions of everyday life fade into the distance the farther you sail from shore. 

When we cruise to these faraway places, we return home with more than an appreciation for God’s handiwork—we gain spiritual and personal insight that stays with us forever. Travel impacts our lives in a deeper way when the experience comes with a built-in spiritual component.