Known as “The City of Gentle People”, our next must-visit destination will surely be one of your most memorable adventures in the Philippines. Not only will you be blown away by its breathtaking natural wonders, cultural attractions, and landmarks, but I’m sure that you will never forget how warm and wonderful the people here treated you.

Yup! So are you ready? Welcome to the largest city of Negros Oriental, the one and only Dumaguete City!


For adventurous travelers out there who are in constant pursuit of the world’s most beautiful destinations, I’m sure that Dumaguete City will check off a lot of items on your list. It’s a coastal city with countless pristine beaches and world-class resorts that will absolutely make your vacation extra special.

From crystal clear waters, white sands, and colorful coral reefs, tourists will also be fascinated by Dumaguete’s rich culture and history. There are preserved ancestral houses, historical buildings, schools, and even cathedrals built during the Spanish Colonial Era. And once you’re done exploring the heart of Dumaguete and its beautiful coastline, you should now head to the mountainside and discover precious gems that are truly worth the visit!

Of course, a spectacular trip wouldn’t be complete without loads of pasalubong, right? Well, that’s another thing you don’t need to worry about because Dumaguete City has an abundant supply of fresh produce varying from fruits, vegetables, exotic spices, and more.

You shouldn’t miss tasting Dumaguete’s most famous delicacy as well, which is Bod-Bod or Budbod Kabog! See? Spending your vacation in Dumaguete City will surely be an all-in experience you’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

1. Rizal Boulevard

One of the best ways to truly admire Dumaguete’s pristine sea waters is by walking along the famed Rizal Boulevard where the city’s heart of culture and history resides. No matter what time of the day you decide to visit, there will always be something that Rizal Boulevard can offer to you!


If you want to enjoy a picnic with your family and friends, there are designated benches and areas where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze bustling around. And if you want to grab something to eat, there are lots of food kiosks and restaurants established near Rizal Boulevard.

It is also the ideal location to start exploring the wonderful city because it’s within the vicinity of some of the most popular attractions and landmarks in Dumaguete City. Finally, if you want to experience the amazing nightlife in Dumaguete City, then I suggest you spend one of your nights in one of the bars and nightclubs along the boulevard!


2. Pulangbato Falls

Pulangbato Falls is indeed one of the most unique and iconic natural attractions in Negros Oriental which is known for the visually enchanting red rocks around the waterfalls. Located in the town of Valencia, visitors can easily reach Pulangbato Falls through a smooth drive from the town proper and a short hike.

Well, everything will be worth it once you fall in love with the breathtaking view of Pulangbato Falls!

The scenic view of crystalline white waters cascading down a beautiful mass of red rocks with the lush green forest at the back will truly put visitors in awe. Well, wait ‘til you experience plunging down the cool waters and spend the whole day swimming!


3. Casaroro Falls

After visiting the famous Pulangbato Falls, I suggest that you also head out and explore another precious gem of Dumaguete which is no other than the stunning Casaroro Falls. But hey, let me just warn you that reaching this spectacular wonder will require much harder hiking and trekking experience, so be ready!

Nevertheless, all your hardships will be more than worth it once you see this hidden paradise. With a jaw-dropping height of 100 feet and incredible boulders of rock formations surrounding the area. Before you reach the bottom of Casaroro Falls, you first have to trek down the 350-step concrete staircase which I must say is quite the challenge. And even though you’re far away, you’ll already hear the thunderous roar of the cascading waters of Casaroro Falls which makes it much more amazing!

Well, once you reach the natural pools of water formed by Casaroro Falls, feel free to enjoy the fruit of your labors and reward yourself by swimming around all day and relaxing! Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a breathtaking creation of God with your own two eyes.


4. Apo Island

When you visit Dumaguete City, it’s highly recommended that you allot some time to venture and explore the famous Apo Island, which is about 30 kilometers off the capital city Dumaguete. This huge volcanic island covering an astounding area of 70 hectares is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful island destinations in the Philippines.

The pristine beaches, the crystal clear waters, and the colorful corals of Apo Island became known worldwide as a premier diving destination being visited by international tourists. The island is a marine protected area so expect it to be clean and well-maintained. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the island got its name “Apo” from the Visayan language which means “elder” or “respected ancestor”.


5. Siliman University

And there it is. One of Dumaguete’s pride and iconic landmarks is Siliman University. Established since the year 1901 and known for being one of the Philippines’ most prestigious educational institutions, Siliman University is home to more than 10,000 brilliant students including those with international relations.

The university is also a perfect tourist destination for everyone because it showcases the richness of Dumaguete City’s culture and history. Moreover, there are lots of must-see attractions scattered all over the university where you can simply admire its nostalgic beauty, take Instagrammable photos, or both!


6. Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park

Simply amazing. That’s how countless tourists who were able to visit the famous Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park described the experience of visiting one of nature’s breathtaking creations in Negros Oriental. For those who don’t know, the twin lakes of Balinsasayao and Danao, both 1,000 meters above sea level, were formed due to volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.

Today, these 90-meter-deep craters are now filled with crystalline freshwater and surrounded by a stunning landscape full of abundant plants and animals. For everyone who loves outdoor adventures and bringing yourself closer than ever to nature, visiting Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park will surely be the highlight of your trip to Dumaguete!


7. Campanario de Dumaguete

Next up, Campanario de Dumaguete is probably the most significant historical landmark in the province which has long been protecting the city of Dumaguete since the 18th century. It was originally built as a watchtower by the Spanish priest Jose Manuel Fernandez de Septien in 1760 along with three others to protect the city from invaders.

Today, Campanario de Dumaguete remains to fulfill its duty and at the same time allows people to briefly go back in time and appreciate Dumaguete City’s colorful history. It wasn’t until 1867 that a bell tower was added on top of the watchtower which is now locally known as the “Campanario”.


8. St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral

Just beside the Campanario de Dumaguete is yet another prominent landmark worth visiting in the island province. St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral or more popularly known as the Dumaguete Cathedral serves as the city’s center of culture and religion.

The church features a Baroque style that easily captures the eyes of visitors with its nostalgic design. What stands out from the facade are the four major pillars where the statues of Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, Saint Luke, and Saint John are all erected. Inside the cathedral, you’ll also be amazed by the intricate altarpieces and overall interior design. No wonder why thousands of devotees from different parts of the Philippines come all the way to Dumaguete just to witness its beauty.


9. Mount Talinis

Ah, if you’re an esteemed hiking and trekking enthusiast, then our next destination is definitely for you. Mount Talinis, is a majestic mountain that stands tall at about 1,903 meters above sea level. This is the second-highest mountain on the Negros Island which is only behind the mighty Mount Kanlaon. Mount Talinis was actually categorized by PHIVOLCS as a potentially active volcano although there were no recorded eruptions in the past.

Nevertheless, conquering the summit of Mount Talinis isn’t an easy feat. Be prepared to overcome natural obstacles and go beyond your limits in order to reach the peak of this mountain. But hey, I assure you that everything will absolutely be worth it once you reach the top and witness the breathtaking beauty above. Oh, and the bond you’ll indeed develop with everyone you’ve been on this journey will become extra special and memorable as you go on with life. So, are you up for the challenge? Go conquer the peak of Mt. Talinis!


10. Puncak Tanawan

There it is, another haven for hiking and trekking fanatics out there is Dumaguete’s Puncak Tanawan. Puncak is an Indonesian term that means “peak or summit” while Tanawan is a Filipino term that means “a place where you can view things from afar”.

Indeed, Puncak Tanawan lived up to its beautiful name as tourists from different parts of the country love to take up the challenge of reaching its summit to witness the breathtaking scenery above. Aside from being able to enjoy the 360° panoramic view of Dumaguete City as well as its nearby provinces such as Cebu, Siquijor, and the famous Apo Island, tourists will also have the chance to enjoy other activities like camping, sightseeing, stargazing, and many more!


11. Ninoy Aquino Memorial Freedom Park

Another attraction worth visiting in Dumaguete City is the Ninoy Aquino Memorial Freedom Park which is perfect if you just want to enjoy a nice and peaceful stroll around the city. The park is a popular spot for sightseeing and recreational activities for the locals where you can spot people walking their dogs, jogging, or simply going for a quick chat.

Freedom Park is located at the heart of the city so if you need someplace to rest after wandering around the City of Gentle People, then this is it. Oh, and you can also score some delicious snacks and souvenirs around the area so if I were you, I’d take the chance to bring home some goodies!


12. Tierra Alta Lighthouse

Situated on top of the hill at one of the most popular resorts in Dumaguete is yet another incredible attraction that will sweep you off your feet! Tierra Alta Lighthouse is absolutely a wondrous sight for tourists, especially with the stunning landscape around it. So make sure to do your best in taking some postcard-worthy photos, alright?

For just an affordable entrance fee of P50 per head, you can already enjoy exploring this architectural wonder all you want! Oh, and aside from admiring the beauty of Tierra Alta Lighthouse, you can also spend a night or two at the Tierra Alta Residential Resort which offers premier accommodation services as well as fun and exciting activities!


13. Quezon Park

One of the most significant historical landmarks in Dumaguete City is no other than Quezon Park. It’s located right at the heart of the busy city so it’s very accessible for everyone, especially tourists. The park is filled with several attractions like a playground, historical artifacts like vintage canons, and also gazebos where visitors can comfortably stay.

Quezon Park is a popular spot for recreational activities as well so expect to see lots of people exercising, children playing around, and local vendors selling delicious merienda! Oh, it’s also where the Department of Tourism’s office is located so if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to drop by.


14. Chinese Bell Church

Situated along the beautiful seacoast of Dumaguete City is another historical and cultural landmark that perfectly showcases the city’s diversity. The Chinese Bell Church is known for its colorful attractions such as dragon statues, vintage bell towers, landscaped gardens, and more!

The temple’s vibe is very calm and peaceful, so if you want a serene and refreshing stroll, this is absolutely the perfect choice! Once you visit the Chinese Bell Church, you’ll surely learn more about the beauty of Chinese culture, history, and incredible architecture. Not every tourist who visits Dumaguete City is able to discover this hidden gem so make sure not to miss out!


15. Cata-al World War 2 Museum

As you may have noticed, Dumaguete City pays huge respect to our country’s history by commemorating the national heroes and important events that gave us the freedom we currently enjoy. So I must say that the best way to end our Dumaguete escapade is by visiting the Cata-al World War II Museum.

World War II heavily affected Negros Oriental’s history and this museum perfectly showcases everything that happened. War weapons of the Japanese and artifacts from the bloody war such as knives, guns, cannons, and ammunition are beautifully displayed here at the Cata-al World War II Museum.

This famous museum was built thanks to Porforio Cata-al and Felix Cata-al, a father and son tandem, who tirelessly dug and hunted for historical artifacts and treasures in the area bounded by Mt. Talinis. It is said that the mountain served as the Japanese military’s last holdout in Negros Oriental during the war.