Beating the summer heat is such an exciting thing to do in this hot weather. Beaches and resorts are the best places to spend your summer leisure time.

One of the provinces near Manila that is perfect for summer is Laguna. The region has been one of the areas of commerce in the south due to different companies, technology parks, establishments, and other historical places that can be the right place for relaxation.


Aside from this, Laguna also has nature at its best with different waterfalls and beaches that are conducive during summer. Also, the province is known for being with most resorts, either public or private, suitable for many family gatherings, venues, or solely for enjoyment.

A place where hot springs abound, Laguna is a top choice for a quick relaxing getaway from Manila.

For sure, in Laguna, there is a specific resort that would match the taste of any tourist or group. To give some tips and choices, here are 15 resorts in Laguna that may want to check out this summer.

1. Hannah’s Garden Resort

Hannah’s Garden Resort is one of the best places where you can unwind and free yourself up away from the busy time of the city. The location gives you this relaxing closeness with nature with enough space for families and groups.

Hannah’s Garden Resort

They have different types of rooms for 2, 4, persons, and a dormitory type. Some of the amenities are swimming pools for adults and kids, a table tennis area, basketball courts, billiards, a massage spa, and an obstacle course area. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE




2. Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Spring Resort

Sol Y Viento Resort provides leisure time for people looking for a nice, relaxing ambiance of nature. One of the popular attractions is the uniquely designed swimming pool area with a view of mountain ranges.

Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Spring Resort

Food service is also something to rave about having different restaurants such as Café Sabroso, Barrio Fiesta, Fabero, Proto Bar, and Talavera.  The resort also offers numerous options for guests like the  Cabanas, Superior, Team, and Loft rooms. If you’re looking for venues for gatherings and team-building, the resort has a venue area for these. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE



3. Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

Known to be one of the best getaways by the people from Metro Manila, Laresio offers a serene place and ambiance for people looking for a peaceful vacation just a few kilometers from Manila. Aside from many amenities, it also provides water activities for adventurous travelers.

Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

Some of these activities are kayak riding, cliff diving, slip and fly, jump and fly, Russian swing, floating basketball, balsa riding, and many more. The resort has enough rooms and a swimming pool area to cater to small to large groups of customers. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


4. Bethesda Hot Spring Resort

Bethesda Hot Spring Resort is located in Anos and has a different facility for features of barbecue and garden.

Bethesda Hotspring Resort

Each room is equipped with free wifi access, a terrace for unwinding, and refreshing pool views with air conditioning and a balcony, making it an excellent place to stay.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


5. Zacona Eco-Resort and Biblical Garden

Zacona Resort offers cozy, quaint, and adequately designed rooms perfect for any type of travelers with swimming pools for that remarkable relaxation.

Zacona Eco-Resort and Biblical Garden

They also offer and accept wedding planning, corporate team meetings, debuts, tourism expeditions, and transportation of International guests.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


 6. Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel

Located halfway between Calamba and Los Banos Laguna, Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel is a popular destination for summer outings of both family and corporate. Their pools cater to all ages and have different variations for small picnic huts, kiddie slides, and giant water slides for adults.

Their day tour can accommodate a total of 3000 people, that is how big the resort is. They also have facilities for function rooms of meetings and conferences and different events like weddings and parties. They offer excellent and affordable packages for such events. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


7. Tierra De Oro Resort Hotel

Tierra De Oro Resort is located at San Pablo City Laguna and is approximately 15 minutes away from the city proper, almost a 5-minute away ride from Villa Escudero. The resort offers different varieties for groups of people to visit. They have many amenities to enjoy during your stay, such as billiard tables, gardens, outdoor pools, restaurants, spas, picnic areas, a sauna, and a playground.

Tierra De Oro Resort Hotel

They are also offering venues for wedding services, function rooms for conferences, and catering services for both gatherings. They have good security and have complete resources for first aid assistance in case of any emergency. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


8. Talagang Dalaga Resort

Talagang Dalaga Resort is located at Paete, Laguna. This is situated sitting at the foot of Sierra Madre Mountain and close to Laguna Lake. The resort is about 50 km away from Lucena City. The resort features different amenities such as spring water swimming pools, cabanas, fruit-bearing trees, pavilions, flower gardens, and a magnificent view of the lake.

Talagang Dalaga Resort

There are certain rooms of the visitors’ choice that have a view of the whole area and Laguna lake. Their rooms are fully airconditioned, and have private bathrooms with television cables. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

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9. Dreamwave Resort Pansol Laguna

Dreamwave Resort is located in Calamba Laguna, and it is 20 km away from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. The resort offers outdoor pools, kiddie pools, and barbecue grills for the cooking of each guest. They also have free wifi public access and free self-parking in the area for those who have brought with them their vehicles.

Dreamwave Resort Pansol Laguna

If visitors are planning for an overnight stay, it is advisable to have advance information for room assurance. Dreamwave Resort Laguna is one of the best choices that vacationists pick every summer season. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


10. Heavenly Fresh Private Resort

Heavenly Fresh Resort is one of the best choices located in Calamba Laguna, where you can have proper relaxation during summertime. Comers can enjoy dipping themselves in the fresh, natural, and chlorine-free water of the pools.

Heavenly Fresh Private Resort

Visitors also have the privilege of a picture-perfect view of Mt. Makiling and have an overwhelming feeling of nature and fresh air in the place. They have different choices for rooms, with free wifi access, fully airconditioned, multipurpose halls, clean comfort and shower rooms, and unlimited use of videoke and billiard tables. They also provide kitchen wares, stoves, and grilling areas during the stay. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


11. Villa Donna Raissa Hot Spring Resort

Villa Donna Hot Spring Resort is located in Calamba Laguna and is approximately 25 km away from Tagaytay City. The place gives a good view of nature and an eye-catching picture of the mountains. The private resort consists of 3 bedrooms with a balcony, all with proper maintenance, security, and safety. Staffs are available to assist visitors with their needs during their stay.

Villa Donna Raissa Hot Spring Resort

Guests get to relax also in the garden inside the area. The pool area is wide, safe, and is both matchings for kids and adults. All other amenities needed during the stay are available in the resort. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


12. Casa San Pablo B & B

Nuzzled in San Pablo City of Laguna, Casa San Pablo is where you can afford to have motivation and ingenuity. It is a place with bed and breakfast, events venue, and art space that are put together to derive an excellent place to stay.

Casa San Pablo B & B

In Casa San Pablo, you can enjoy a unique vacation with an excellent team-building experience. The property also offers exciting activities in its conference venues, and practice love of art through different art events for the visitors. They also have areas for weddings, pre-nuptial, and places for other gatherings and events. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


13. Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation and Farm Resort is intended to be an agri-tourism center in Laguna that promotes organic and aquaponic farming and a farm-to-table lifestyle.

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort

They’re also offering different amenities that are necessary for team-building activities and spend quality time with family and friends. This 7-hectare facility has different areas to enjoy such as campsites, fish ponds, trails on nature, and different accommodations like tents, native nipa huts, hotel and dormitory rooms, and function halls for various events. They also provide facilities for different indoor games for enjoyment. This unique summer venue is to be found in Cavinti Laguna. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Here’s a video of the resort from Buzzsetter!


14. Hotel Marciano

Hotel Marciano is located in Calamba Laguna and is one of the good hotels to stay in during summer vacation. They have an outdoor pool, a business center, and conference space for personal or corporate gatherings. They also have free wifi access, and self-parking is available. Also, they have consistent assistance with a 24-hour front desk and a porter/bellhop in the area. Visitors get to choose among 45 rooms in the hotel, each designed conveniently with fridges, coffee makers, internet connection, tv with cables, and minibars. This gives a great staycation to all comers in the hotel.

Hotel Marciano

Laguna has grown on the side of commerce, but despite this, they have also continuously offered a good choice and experience for a memorable summer vacation. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


15. Eric Glenda Private Resort

Eric Glenda Private Resort is located in one of the prestigious subdivisions in Los Banos Laguna, which is Park Merced village. This gives the high assurance of complete and proper security and privacy of all comers. They have an adult pool and kiddie pull; both are compliant with sanitary and clean standards.

In this resort, the visitors get to choose their desired temperature of the pool, either hot, cold, or lukewarm, depending on their preference. The water they use in their pools is all clean and has no chemicals added. They also have a bed and breakfast lounge and massage area.