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We Love Christian Travel. Do You?

Powerful moments happen on our Christian cruises and tours, and often, these are spiritual connections. A change of pace and scenery restores the soul and creates space to encounter the Lord in fresh, new ways. When we disconnect from our daily routines to reconnect with what truly matters, travel becomes a gateway to spiritual renewal.

Christian travelers overlooking Jerusalem

Travel is also a wonderful way to make new friends. When you travel with Inspiration, you’ll be surrounded by a group of like-minded people. The conversations over nightly dinners and while exploring spectacular locations will be among the highlights of your trip. These “trip friendships” often blossom into lifelong ones. Despite having just met someone a few days earlier, depth of relationship is possible because of your faith and shared experiences.

Christian travelers in Tahiti

We frequently hear stories of travelers—whether couples or solo—returning home with so much more than forever memories including new friends and a renewed relationship with God. Because we don’t want those conversations and connections to end, we created a private Facebook group: We Love Christian Travel.

It’s the perfect place to share your travel dreams, along with unforgettable pictures and forever memories with other believers. 

How does the group work?

As the hosts of the group, we ensure that it remains a positive and uplifting exploration of God’s incredible Creation for others. Because the group is private, simply click here to join the group and answer a couple of questions. Once your request to join is approved, introduce yourself by posting a few of your favorite moments and pictures exploring the world, like this one:

These are just a few of the things to look forward to when you join the We Love Christian Travel Facebook group:

  • Connect with other Christian travelers
  • Build relationships with like-minded new friends
  • Reconnect with travelers from previous Inspiration cruises and tours
  • Share personal photos of your favorite places
  • Renew your focus on God’s glory and beauty through photos of stunning landscapes
  • Gain inspiration from others’ experiences, itineraries and travel suggestions
  • Get the inside scoop on your favorite Christian leaders’ and artists’ travel plans (and what they love most about Christian travel)

Right now, this group offers all of us a way to stay connected during a time when travel is paused. As travel returns, it will remain a wonderful source of encouragement and community. You might even find yourself meeting up on a cruise with friends you met in this Facebook group!