Tanay is one the to-go place for many tourists looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, with its proximity from Metro Manila. Being Rizal’s 3rd largest town, Tanay offers loads of tourist spots like Daranak Falls, and Batlag Falls, if ever you’re into chasing waterfalls.

In addition, Tanay is a popular spot for hikers with its spectacular scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range, offering varying hiking spots from Mt. Daraitan to the iconic towering limestone at Nagpatong Rock Formation. Since Tanay has peak spots, it is the best place to loosen up and revitalize while enjoying the vast sea of clouds.


On the other hand, if you’re not into hiking, Tanay has more in store from spelunking to outdoor activities. There are spots in town perfect for family or group adventures like the Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp. Tanay also has restaurants with breathtaking views, ideal for romantic dates or a friend’s night out. You can also choose to go to Tanay during Visita Iglesias or revamp your faith. So whatever floats your boat, Tanay got you covered.

To know more about the town’s rich environment and deep history, here are the 12 best tourist spots in Tanay, Rizal.

1. Treasure Mountain

First on the list of the best tourist spots in Tanay, Rizal, considering its location is Treasure Mountain. The site is ideal for day trip tours or overnight camping to catch sight of the sea of clouds in the morning and the picturesque view of rock formations and vast mountains. CHECK THE BEST RESORTS IN TANAY HERE

Treasure Mountain

Credit: Treasure Mountain Tanay

They also offer cottage rentals for day tour visits and tent rental and lodging for guests staying for the night. Guests are allowed to bring outside foods and alcoholic beverages with corkage fees. And if you’re up for some adventures, you can try their rope courses and go off-road with an ATV. So if you’re looking for a place to reconnect with nature, Treasure Mountain is a great spot. BOOK THIS TOUR IN TANAY: Treasure Mountain Tour 




2. Mt. Daraitan

A recommended spot for weekend warriors, Mt. Daraitan is indeed a great place to visit to relieve boredom and in search of a memorable hiking experience. Hike up to the peak of Mt Daraitan with 739 meters above sea level, offering a scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range, intersecting rivers, and a sea of clouds. The site is ideal for both beginners to experienced hikers, taking about 4-8 hours of back and forth trekking.

Mt. Daraitan

Credit: Pinoy Fitness

In addition, the trip is organized by the local government, starting with an orientation at the Barangay Hall to ensure travelers’ safety before venturing through the forest trail and very steep assault. There are also locals along the route selling refreshments like fresh coconut juice for quick breaks. BOOK THIS TOUR IN TANAY: Mt. Daraitan Day Hike from Manila



3. Tinipak River

Another must-visit in town for a fun-filled adventure, Tinipak River tucked in Mt Daraitan is the perfect place to cool down during summer and after a long hike. If you’re climbing Mt Daraitan’s peak, Tinipak River is a must-stop when descending, featuring limestone rock formations and fresh running waters.

Tinipak River


Furthermore, don’t forget to pass by the iconic spot Heart Peak to witness the beauty of the Tinipak River uphill. Trekking down from the mountain peak to the Tinipak River will take about an hour, so be sure to take a quick deep before heading back to the village. Guides also offer a tour at the Tinipak Cave to explore the underground river. BOOK THIS TOUR: Tinipak River Tour and Mt. Daraitan Hike from Manila



4. Daranak Falls

One of Tanay’s most popular tourist destinations during the summer season, Daranak Falls is yet another hidden gem to visit. The 20-meter high enchanting waterfall is filled with lush vegetation, ponds, and cascading waters from the Sierra Madre mountain range, which will surely calm your senses.

Daranak Falls


Located around 6 kilometers away from the Calinawan Cave, Daranak Falls is a great place to stay, offering day tour visits with cottages for rent, food kiosks, grilling stations, and souvenir shops. Guests are also allowed to bring their food but not any plastic materials in the area. So whether you’re looking for a whole day adventure with family and friends, Daranak Falls is a great stop-off point. BOOK THIS TOUR: Daranak Falls Tour with other tourist spots in Tanay



5. Mt. Mapalad

Rated with a 3/9 difficulty level, Mt. Mapalad is the best spot to visit if you’re new to hiking. With 750 meters above sea level, this mountain offers two routes, one ideal for beginners, an easy but longer trail, and a steep yet shorter trail for pro hikers. The hike will take about 2-3 hours from the jump-off point and passes through flat land, rice fields, streams, and rocky terrains.

Mt. Mapalad

Credit: Mt. Mapalad FB

Once at the peak, hikers can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Sierra Madre mountain range and the sunrise. To catch sight of the sea of clouds it is recommended to visit from March to June. Aside from the beautiful surroundings, Mt. Mapalad is also known for having a Bali-inspired wooden palm viewing deck best for photo ops. BOOK THIS HIKE: Mt. Mapalad Day Tour


6. Calinawan Cave

Apart from hiking spots, Tanay is the perfect destination for cave explorations. The town boasts the captivating beauty of the Calinawan Cave that will surely pique the interest not only of spelunkers but as well as history enthusiasts. Located in Barangay Tandang, the massive cave system consists of many levels and different openings and chambers.

Calinawan Cave

Credit: Tanay Tourism

The historic cave also attracts tourists and filmmakers since it serves as a shelter for Filipino revolutionaries during World War II and Spanish-American War. Based on folk tales, the cave’s name was derived from the Filipino word “linaw” which came from Japanese and American soldiers resolving their disputes inside the cave. BOOK THIS TOUR: Calinawan Cave and other tourist spots in Tanay Tour


7. Nagpatong Rock Formation

If in search of a thrilling and unforgettable outdoor activity, there’s no better place to visit than the Nagpatong Rock Formation. This spot is one the most famous and iconic tourist spots in Tanay, featuring a massive block of rocks stacked up over the other, forming two large limestone cliffs standing beside each other, thus the name “Nagpatong”.

The majestic rock formation is a hidden gem but very accessible, considering its easy trail that will only take an hour or so, ideal for novice hikers. There are no steep assaults on the route and have guided ropes for easy access. However, the hardest part is climbing the rock formation, but there is a ladder to get on the peak. BOOK THIS HIKE: Nagpatong Rock Day Hike in Rizal


8. Batlag Falls

Haven’t had enough of chasing waterfalls? Well, Tanay has another stunning spot to offer and a great alternative if you’re avoiding the crowd at Daranak Falls. The mystical and enchanting beauty of Batlag Falls offers clear turquoise water, making it a must-visit located right above Daranak Falls.

Batlag Falls

Credit: When in Rizal

However, despite being on the same site, visitors still have to pay another entrance fee, which is pricier than Daranak Falls. But being more serene and secluded, it is worth spending. Also, according to the tour guides, Batlag Falls is a popular shooting spot for movies and GMA TV series Encantadia. So if you’re up for a nature fantasy experience, Batlag Falls is the place to go.


9. Ricardo’s Vista Del Cielo

For a relaxing and delightful getaway, head to Ricardo’s Vista Del Cielo hidden bed and breakfast in town. Located on Tanay’s mountain top, this spot offers Filipino cuisine, an all-day breakfast with a beautiful backdrop on its balcony of the Sierra Madre mountain range, and a sea of clouds. With its great location, Ricardo’s Vista Del Cielo is also the best place for intimate dates and gatherings.

Nonetheless, if the weather gets too cold for outdoor dining, they offer a cabin-like dining area. Also, there are room accommodations for guests staying for the night, featuring homey interiors and rooms with a scenic view.


10. Tanay Church

The Church of San Ildefonso, or locally called the Tanay Church, is a 238-year old Roman Catholic church constructed in 1773-1783. The church was named one of the Jubilee churches and a National Cultural Treasure in 2021. Its façade features a triangular pediment, rounded belfry, arched doorways, and pilasters, made out of wood and stone masonry, and a great model of Baroque architecture.

Tanay Church

Credit: Lumang Simbahan

Tanay Church interiors consist of five altarpieces and hold a relic of San Ildefonso’s piece of bone that came from Zamora, Spain. The church also boasts its 14 Stations of the Cross, considered one of the most beautiful ones across Asia.


11. Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp

A great place to visit whether you’re unwinding or into extreme outdoor activities, head to the Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp that has it all. The site is near attractions, including the Masungi Georeserve, Regina Rica, and Daranak falls, making it a stop for dining and overnight stay.

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Moreover, they have two outdoor pools and feature an overlooking restaurant, fish spa, camping stuff for rent, room accommodations, cabanas, and a whole villa for group rentals. Tent Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp is a popular venue for events, whether for intimate or for group adventures. Their activities include obstacle courses, rock climbing, rappelling, and zipline.


12. Regina Rica

Other than churches, Regina Rica is a must-see in Rizal for anyone reconnecting their faith. The pilgrim site stands for Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia and features a 71-foot tall image of the Queen of the Holy Rosary, located on the peak uphill on its 13.5-hectare land.

The pilgrim was established in 2005 by Sister Mary Epifania F. Brasil, OP, a previous affiliate of the Dominican Sisters. The spectacular sculpture of the Virgin Mary was created by the artist Jojo Barceno Jr., now attracting lots of devotees throughout the country. Also, Regina RICA offers facilities from retreat centers and other attractions that kids will surely like.