The Philippines is known for a lot of things and if you’ve been wanting to visit this beautiful country for a long time, you know that some of the most beautiful beaches and tropical islands can be found here! That’s right. Aside from being blessed with natural wonders, colorful history, and wonderful culture, the Philippines also promises a beautiful home to all its visitors. Yup! The kindness and hospitality of Filipinos are certainly unmatched. This is why more and more foreigners from different parts of the world fall in love with the Philippines over and over again! Well, if you’re looking for a tropical paradise to visit here in the Philippines, then I suggest you explore the heavenly town of El Nido, Palawan.

El Nido is an island municipality that became iconic for its breathtaking lagoons, stunning white sand beaches, and glass-like turquoise waters. It is a precious gem that’s definitely worth exploring! In fact, El Nido has become one of the world’s most beautiful islands where marine and aquatic life are both teeming and abundant. El Nido is indeed a haven for everyone who desires to enjoy an escape from nature and all its beautiful creations.


Also, booking a trip to El Nido will absolutely be an exciting and memorable vacation for family, friends, and couples! Some of El Nido’s most notable attractions include Nacpan Beach, Shimizu Island, Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, and a whole lot more. Of course, there’s also a long list of water sports activities available for everyone to enjoy such as scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, etc. All of these and more are waiting for you here at El Nido!

But wait, where should you stay? Ah, that’s exactly where I’ll be able to help you. Just consider this as your lucky day because today, we’ll be talking about the 15 Best Resorts in El Nido!

1. El Nido Resorts Lagen Island

El Nido Resorts Lagen Island is indeed one of the most premium resorts in El Nido which is located at the scenic Bacuit Bay. It covers a huge area of 4 hectares and is tucked right at the heart of a forest. So if you’re looking for a tropical escapade that is away from all the stress and noise of the island, then this is absolutely perfect for you! A total of 51 Filipino-inspired and beautifully furnished rooms are all arranged to accommodate one of the most memorable trips of your life.

El Nido Resorts Lagen Island

There are Forest Rooms available if you want to experience the serene and calm vibes of El Nido or you can also choose to stay at the Beachfront Rooms if you prefer to be near the beach and water activities. Of course, each room is well-equipped with world-class facilities such as premium beds, elegant spaces, a bathtub, and scenic views of the veranda.


El Nido Resorts Lagen Island is also famously known as an Eco-Sanctuary Resort, so expect to be able to enjoy lots of fun outdoor activities which can help you become closer than ever to nature such as bird watching and mangrove explorations. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


2. Cauayan Island Resort and Spa

Another world-class resort that perfectly represents the pristine beauty of El Nido is Cauayan Island Resort and Spa. This 5-star resort is also located at Bacuit Bay and boasts of its 29 breathtaking villas that are tucked within a hidden lagoon. So if you want to enjoy a private vacation where you can peacefully relax and be away from all the noise, then Cauayan Island Resort and Spa is the best choice for you.

Cauayan Island Resort and Spa

Experience luxury lifestyle at its finest, that and many more are just some of the things you should expect here at Cauayan! Exciting activities like island hopping, diving, trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, and even going on a majestic sunset cruise are all waiting for you. Of course, each villa is also well furnished with top-class facilities to make your stay as posh and comfortable as possible. Well, there’s really no doubt why Cauayan Island Resort and Spa is one of the most popular resorts in El Nido! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


3. Matinloc Resort

Experience a tropical getaway like no other here at the one and only Matinloc Resort of Matinloc Island! Luxurious seaside and mountain villas are elegantly placed all around the resort where you can absolutely enjoy one of the best vacations of your life. Each villa consists of premium facilities and amenities that will surely make your stay even more exciting such as personal balconies/patios with scenic views, king-sized beds, JBL sound systems, minibars, and elegant & spacious living rooms, and garden pools as well. Some of the villas are even 4-storeys high!

Matinloc Resort

Well, aside from Matinloc Resort’s unmatched accommodation facilities, I’m sure that you’ll also love all the fun and exciting activities waiting for you there. From spa and wellness centers, nature trails, snorkeling, and fishing, to must-try island-hopping tours, everything about Matinloc Resort will absolutely highlight your stay in El Nido! Oh, you can also coordinate with the resort’s management regarding the island hopping courses that you want to avail such as the Matinloc Tour, Cave Tour, Cadlao Tour, and more! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


4. El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island

Situated yet again in Bacuit Bay, El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island is also one of the top choices for everyone visiting the majestic island of El Nido. This 5-star resort is situated in front of the pristine and tranquil waters of Bacuit Bay with the enchanting lush forest at the back. A lot of people hail Pangulasian Island as the iconic “Island of the Sun” because it is said that you can enjoy a breathtaking view of both the sunrise and sunset in this unbelievable natural wonder.

El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island

The pristine white sand beach spanning a length of almost 800 meters is also all yours to enjoy as well as the crystalline waters teeming with abundant marine and aquatic life. The resort has 42 deluxe accommodation rooms and 24 premium villas that are all designed to give you an unforgettable adventure. Each villa is fully equipped with world-class facilities, cutting-edge technology, and incredible Filipino architectural works.

Of course, your trip to El Nido wouldn’t be complete without a list of fun and exciting activities to do, right? Well, worry no more because El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island has got you covered! Enjoy swimming and chilling by the private beach, have a relaxing spa and wellness experience, go on a breathtaking sunset cruise, or book a romantic dinner with your special person at a majestic private island. See? Pangulasian Island is indeed a perfect getaway spot for everyone visiting El Nido, so don’t hesitate to book now! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


5. Seda Lio Resort

Well, if you truly want to maximize your precious time for your El Nido escapade, then booking a room at the Seda Lio Resort should be a perfect choice! This luxurious 5-star resort and hotel are located just five quick minutes away from the airport. With 150 elegantly designed rooms to cater to all kinds of tourists, I’m sure that you’ll have a memorable experience here at El Nido, Palawan.

Seda Lio Resort

Seda has its very own world-class restaurant, Misto, which serves local and international flavors that are definitely a must-try! They serve breakfast buffets daily and a la carte meals all day. All these great foods while enjoying a breathtaking view of the resort’s pool and garden can already get you going in the morning. There’s also a poolside bar where you can chill and order your favorite thirst quenchers while enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. Well, cheers to that!

Of course, your El Nido trip wouldn’t be complete without your very own share of adrenaline-boosting activities, right? Seda Lio Resort has partner tour operators who you can contact to book amazing trips around El Nido. Watersports activities are also available such as kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, and stand-up paddle boarding. At the hotel, you can also rent bamboo bikes to get around or enjoy a relaxing spa and wellness experience at Seda Lio Resort itself. Whatever you want, you can easily get! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


6. Vellago Resort

On the other hand, if you just want to stay low-key and peacefully enjoy your El Nido getaway, then I suggest you book a stay at Vellago Resort. This classy and luxurious hotel only offers 6 rooms that all promise an exclusive and extraordinary experience for its guests. There’s the Beach Villa, Beachview Suite, Honeymoon Suite, King Room, and Queen Room. Of course, each room is elegantly furnished with premium facilities, amenities, and most importantly, breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains of El Nido.

Vellago Resort

Vellago Resort’s rooms are perfect for newlyweds and lovebirds because you really can’t deny the romantic vibe and ambiance of all its rooms. Plus, it’s also away from all the stress and noise of the bustling tropical paradise so you’ll get to enjoy nature at its finest. Vellago Resort also has its own restaurant and beach bar, where you can request delicious meals to be served on your personal balcony while cherishing the view of the ocean. Oh, and you can also book or request to set up a romantic sunset dinner! Ah, for our gentlemen followers, that’s absolutely the perfect time to pop the question, right? CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


7. Frangipani El Nido Resort

Situated yet again at the famous Bacuit Bay of El Nido is another incredible hotel and resort that will make you love the tropical island life even more. Frangipani El Nido Resort is a beachfront hotel that became a popular choice for lots of tourists because it is literally just a few walks away from the beach.

Frangipani El Nido Resort

Frangipani El Nido Resort has classy suites and villas that are all well-furnished with premium facilities like flatscreen TVs, minibars, high-speed WiFi, and even a Nespresso Machine for your complimentary coffee while enjoying the scenic view of El Nido! The resort also has its very own Cala Restaurant that promotes gastronomic comfort meals. You can also request a private romantic dinner set up by the beach with your mi amore and make your El Nido escapade as passionate as possible. A private pool is also available for use where you can relax and chill with the breathtaking view of the sea within sight. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


8. Nacpan Beach Glamping

Camping or glamping by the beach is one way of truly experiencing the beauty of nature. Well, then doing exactly that here in El Nido at one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the Philippines will surely make your getaway extra special! Nacpan Beach Glamping is situated right at the famous Nacpan Beach with elegant glamping set-ups to make your stay as organic as possible. Each tent sports a beautiful native design and is furnished with 2 Queen-sized beds that can accommodate up to 2 guests.

Nacpan Beach Glamping

Don’t worry because each tent is also powered by high-end air conditioning units! The common bathrooms, which are shared by 3 tents, are also extremely clean and spacious, so you won’t have any problems taking care of business as well. Nacpan Beach Glamping essentially promotes the beauty of the island where you can be away from all the stress of the city while enjoying a simple life by the beach.

Guests can also play traditional games and learn more about Palawan’s culture. Moreover, gathering with your friends around a campfire as you watch the starry sky at night and have your favorite drinks by your side surely is a wonderful memory-making opportunity, right? You can also just chill out and relax by the bar and restaurant throughout the day! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


9. Cadlao Resort & Restaurant

Another incredible resort in El Nido is no other than the Cadlao Resort & Restaurant. Equipped with 25 elegant rooms and an endless list of incredible facilities and amenities, Cadlao is absolutely considered one of El Nido’s top resorts. Experience the true meaning of Cadlao which is “laughter” while enjoying the tropical island paradise of El Nido.

Cadlao Resort & Restaurant

Each room is furnished with amazing facilities such as premium beds, flats screen LED TVs, powerful air conditioners, a spacious bathroom, a dedicated balcony, and so much more! The resort also has 2 swimming pools and a spa where guests can enjoy a relaxing wellness treatment. Of course, you shouldn’t miss trying out the delicious food served at the Cadlao Restaurant itself, which essentially played a huge role in promoting the resort to tourists from different parts of the world! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


10. Ahana Resort El Nido

If comfort, convenience, and an all-in experience are what you want, then Ahana Resort El Nido is definitely the one! This hotel and resort are situated just about 5 minutes away from the Lio Airport and Lio Beach. Imagine, as soon as you land in El Nido, you’re already a stone’s throw away from its magnificent beaches and breathtaking wonders! Ahana features elegant and affordable accommodation rooms that promise a memorable experience for all its guests.

Ahana Resort El Nido

Each room is furnished with premium facilities like deluxe beds, flat-screen TVs, and a luxurious private bathroom with a bathtub! There’s also an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and the resort’s famous restaurant where you can order amazing food as well. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

11. El Nido Coco Resort

When you go to El Nido, one of the first things you’re looking for is a taste of the tropical island life. Well, El Nido Coco Resort will absolutely make your vacation as exciting and eco-friendly as possible. Their villas’ deluxe rooms are inspired by traditional nipa huts and are furnished with comfortable beds, spacious bathrooms, safety boxes, minibars, and essentially everything you’ll need to make your stay convenient and comfortable.

El Nido Coco Resort

Guests also have exclusive access to the private jacuzzi and outdoor swimming pool both have a breathtaking view of the beach. You can also order your favorite food and drinks from El Nido Coco Resort’s very own cocktail bar and restaurant. Oh, and the best part? They always serve free breakfasts! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


12. Charlie’s El Nido

Located yet again at the heavenly Cadlao Island is a secluded oasis that allows you to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of nature while being away from all the stress and noise. Yup! Charlie’s El Nido offers exactly that and a lot more to all kinds of tourists visiting the grand escapade destination of Palawan. There are lots of different room choices like the Superior Queen Room, Premier Room, Deluxe Room, and of course, Charlie’s Villa.

Charlie’s El Nido

Each accommodation room is equipped with premium facilities and access to incredible amenities such as the resort’s very own spa, restaurant, cocktail bar, fitness center, and outdoor swimming pool with scenic views. Despite the secluded location of Charlie’s El Nido, guests will still be able to wander and explore the rest of the town because the resort offers a convenient shuttle service. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


13. El Nido Moringa Resort

El Nido Moringa Resort is also part of the El Nido Hotels Group together with El Nido Coco Resort. It is one of the most popular choices in El Nido simply because of the world-class accommodation service and the spectacular design of the resort. Luxury apartments are waiting for you which are all furnished with premium beds, exclusive patios, huge flat-screen TVs, Italian bathrooms, and more.

El Nido Moringa Resort

You can choose from the Balcony Room, Deluxe Patio, and Deluxe Jacuzzi. All room choices are absolutely elegant and affordable that’s why it’s really perfect for budget travelers and adventurers out there! Each room package also comes with free breakfast so it’s a good deal indeed. Some of El Nido Moringa Resort’s amenities and facilities include their very own restaurant, Giovanni’s Pizza, cocktail bar, spa, and a 160 sqm outdoor pool. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

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14. Panorama Boutique Hotel and Beach Club

Just like the name of the resort itself, Panorama Boutique Hotel and Beach Club takes its mantra seriously by utilizing the breathtaking panoramic views of El Nido’s natural wonders. The resort is located right at the heart of Bacuit Bay and just about 3.4 kilometers away from the iconic Big Lagoon and has its very own beach area where guests can experience first-hand the crystalline waters and white sands of El Nido.

Panorama Boutique Hotel and Beach Club

A total of 8 cozy and elegant rooms are prepared for adventurers which are all furnished with premium facilities and amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. What will surely catch your attention is the unique architectural design of the resort featuring a combination of modern and native Filipino designs that perfectly blend with the pristine environment of El Nido. Of course, guests also have exclusive access to Panorama’s beach club where you can enjoy a delicious meal and drink from the bar, have front-row seats to watch the magnificent sunset, and party all night! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


15. Seaside Hue Resort

Finally, if you’re a big fan of fun and exciting water sports activities, then booking a room at Seaside Hue Resort should be the best choice for you. This awesome resort is located just a few steps away from the famous Nacpan Beach which is one of the iconic attractions of El Nido. The colorful huts of Seaside Hue Resort offer amazing accommodation services as well as incredible views of the beach!

Seaside Hue Resort

They also have an exclusive bar and restaurant for guests looking for a good time to just relax, chill, and breathe in the island vibes of El Nido. If you’re looking for budget-friendly hotels in El Nido then Seaside Hue Resort is absolutely one of the best choices simply because of its impressive location, quality of service, and most importantly, value for money.