15 BEST CAMIGUIN TOURIST SPOTS (The Island Born of Fire)

When we talk about the most beautiful places to visit in the Visayas and Mindanao region, some of the names that automatically come to mind are Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Davao, and such. Well, how about I take you to the place known as “The Island Born of Fire”? Yes! Our next destination is no other than the island municipality of Camiguin itself, which is known for countless natural wonders that will surely blow your mind. First off, Camiguin became famous as the “Island Born of Fire” because it is home to seven (7) volcanoes and several volcanic domes.

The island was formed due to the prehistoric eruptions of these volcanoes and earthquakes. These are also the reasons why the island is known to be very rich in natural resources and historical accounts as well.


There are a bunch of amazing reasons why you need to visit Camiguin Island and number one is that it is absolutely a tropical paradise worth exploring. From picturesque islands, enchanting waterfalls, and countless island hopping tours, I’m sure that after your trip to Camiguin, you will leave with unforgettable memories, incredible experiences, and lots of Lanzones! Haha, yup. Camiguin Island is home to the Philippines’ most delicious Lanzones and it also hosts the annual Lanzones Festival. Well, that’s another experience you shouldn’t miss!

So, are you ready? Prepare yourselves because we are in for yet another breathtaking adventure. Here are the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Camiguin!


1. White Island

We’ll start our wondrous journey to Camiguin by visiting one of its most iconic natural attractions which is the White Island. From the name itself, this astonishing is indeed made of white sands entirely. Located off the coast of Mambajao, White Island can only be reached by a 10-minute boat ride.

Lots of tourists actually flock to the island just to experience being castaway to a tropical paradise with a 360° scenic view of turquoise waters and breathtaking horizons. Needless to say, White Island is absolutely an Instagrammable place you shouldn’t miss. Just a bit of advice though, try getting to White Island as early as sunrise because it can get overcrowded during the day. BEST RESORTS AND HOTELS IN CAMIGUIN HERE!



2. Mantigue Island

Another pristine island destination near Camiguin is the enchantingly beautiful Mantigue Island. There are several ways to reach the island and all of them require a hefty boat ride but hey, it’ll all be worth it once you reach this awe-inspiring haven! The island features an incredible white-sand beach with crystal clear waters surrounding it.

It is a perfectly preserved and protected marine sanctuary containing colorful coral reefs and abundant marine ecosystems. So once you reach Mantigue Island, be sure to put on your snorkeling gear right away and witness the beauty of life beneath the waters!

You’ll be able to swim with different species of fish and other aquatic animals like turtles, crabs, starfish, and more. And once you’re done exploring the thriving coral reefs of Mantigue Island, feel free to enjoy a gastronomic meal at local eateries around the island as well!


3. The Sunken Cemetery

Ah, and there it is. I’m sure that when you searched for Camiguin or even just heard about it, one of the most famous destinations you’ll encounter is The Sunken Cemetery. This sensational attraction features hundreds of underwater tombstones and a large cross that was built to commemorate the tragic story behind it. In the year 1871, it is said that a violent volcanic eruption sank this cemetery along with its capital city for eternity. Tourists who visit the Sunken Cemetery have different purposes and beliefs but that’s exactly the reason why it’s a unique tourist destination. For some, it symbolizes the meaning of life and death. That the inevitable time will come when we will all just be below the vast and massive waters of the sea.

The Sunken Cemetery is indeed a very spectacular scenery worth seeing. Its unique and thrilling vibe worthy of both admiration and respect will absolutely be one of the main highlights of your trip to Camiguin Island, indeed.


4. Katibawasan Falls

Next up, we’ll be visiting the astonishing and picturesque gem of Mambajao, Camiguin. The 70-foot sparkling wonder of Katibawasan Falls is the tallest waterfall on the entire Camiguin Island with beautiful rock formations, lush forests, and a wide natural pool where you can swim, dive, and have fun!

A lot of tourists flock to this breathtaking attraction simply to snap some pictures as a highlight of their trip to Camiguin, so I suggest that you pick the best time to visit. The vicinity around Katibawasan Falls is also well-maintained and developed. There are cottages where you can relax and have a picnic with your family and friends as well! Just remember to avoid littering and help preserve our environment, alright?


5. Tuasan Falls

Ah, another spectacular cascade we shouldn’t miss on Camiguin Island is the wondrous Tuasan Falls. This refreshing waterfall attracts a lot of visitors that love to explore nature and take a relaxing swim. Despite not being very tall in height, you’ll be surprised by how powerful the stream of water goes down the natural pool! It’s absolutely a perfect destination in the summer because the water is cold and chilly all year round.

Tuasan Falls

Photo by Tripadvisor

There are two natural pools below Tuasan Falls, the first one is huge enough to fit several tourists while the second is a tiny bit where a handful of people can only fit at a time. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about your safety because there are lifeguards stationed around the area of Tuasan Falls. So, just go have some fun!


6. Mount Hibok-Hibok

After exploring the two spectacular waterfalls of Camiguin Island, it’s now time to conquer the peak of its most famous volcano, the majestic Mount Hibok-Hibok. This peaceful summit is a haven for hiking and trekking enthusiasts because the breathtaking scenery and lush greenery around the volcano are indeed very rewarding.

Mount Hibok-Hibok

Reaching the top requires about 3 to 4 hours of hiking, but once you witness the breathtaking view of the pristine seawater, and several nearby land masses like Bohol, Surigao, and Siquijor, it will all be worth it! You’ll also be amazed when you see its mossy volcanic crater and the sharp rocks and boulders around it. Oh, and you can also take a relaxing dip afterward at Ardent Hot Springs! But we’ll talk more about that later so stay with me, alright?


7. Taguines Lagoon

Taguines Lagoon, for me, is the definition of God’s mind-blowing creativity. It’s a stunning freshwater lagoon located beside the sea that’s also surrounded by lush forests and several perfect vantage points! Yup, you can easily stop by Taguines Lagoon on the highway and take a memorable picture of it. You can also have fun and spend the day at Taguines Lagoon Aqua-Sports and Recreational Facility where countless watersports activities are being offered! From kayaking, boating adventures, and paddle boating, I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by boatloads of fun and an incredible dose of nature’s stunning beauty.

Taguines Lagoon

Photo by Taguines Lagoon

Tourists can also have the chance to view several aquaculture species like milkfish, green mussels, and more. There are also must-try restaurants around the area of Taguines Lagoon where you can eat the delicious specialties of the island.


8. Binangawan Falls

Located in Sagay, Camiguin is another sparkling waterfall that is truly a hidden gem you must visit! But let me warn you, a lot of tourists say that it’s really hard to reach. So expect lots of difficult trekking and hiking, okay? But if you’re in for the adventure and absolutely love challenges, then this is perfect for you! Binangawan Falls is sometimes hailed as the “Rainbow Falls” simply because its spectacular beauty is very hard to find. The crystal clear waters cascading down all the way to the cold pool of water is definitely worth the struggle. All the beautiful rock formations and serene atmosphere of the waterfalls are indeed a wonderful escape to nature we all need and deserve.

Oh, and just a friendly tip! I suggest that you hire a tour guide to help you reach Binangawan Falls safely. The trails are extremely hard to recognize so it will really be dangerous if you go by yourself.


9. San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

Of course, your trip to Camiguin certainly wouldn’t be complete without dropping by San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish. This religious landmark was founded in 1916 and is located in the island province’s capital, Mambajao.

San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

The Church in itself is simply beautiful with a modern facade and an attractive interior like the stained glass windows and a unique black and white checkered flooring that really stands out! Visiting San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish while you’re in Camiguin Island offers visitors a chance to pay respects and prayers for safe travels and adventure as well.


10. Guiob Church Ruins

Next up, another must-visit historical landmark in Camiguin is the Guiob Church Ruins. Behind this fascinating attraction is a colorful yet tragic history that will make you frightened about nature’s unstoppable power. In the 16th Century, there was a Spanish capital located in Camiguin called the Cotta Bato, and located within it is a beautiful church which is now the Guiob Church Ruins. Due to the violent eruption of Mt. Vulcan, everything surrounding Cotta Bato turned into dust because the intense earthquakes literally brought everything down to the ground. The only structure left standing is no other than the Guiob Church Ruins.

Guiob Church Ruins

Photo by TripAdvisor

Lots of tourists that are visiting Camiguin Island make sure that they visit the Guiob Church Ruins because it seemingly allows us to travel back in time even just for a while. Moreover, the place also has a beautiful, peaceful and serene environment that’s perfect for everyone!


11. Sto Niño Cold Spring

If you’re looking for the best place in Camiguin Island to enjoy a relaxing swim in the summer and breathe in nature’s exotic beauty, then visiting Sto Niño Cold Spring is definitely the perfect choice! Well, the place is called a “Cold Spring” for a reason and it certainly does live up to its name. During the summer season, lots of tourists flock to Sto Niño Cold Spring to simply beat the heat. It’s only located in the town of Sagay which is just a few kilometers away from Catarman, so I’m sure you won’t have problems reaching it. Sto Niño Cold Spring has also been developed throughout the years to accommodate more visitors beautifully.

The spring itself is a natural wonder featuring a huge pool that measures 25 meters by 40 meters with a depth ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet. This is perfect for everyone who loves swimming and spending their day enjoying a cold and relaxing dip. Oh, and the amazing part? The average temperature of the water is about 20°C!


12. Burias Shoal

Another haven worth visiting for diving enthusiasts out there is the mind-blowing beauty of Burias Shoal. There are many scenic dive spots around Camiguin Island but Burias Shoal is definitely one of the most exciting and challenging diving adventures you’ll ever encounter. Before you witness the colorful coral reefs, schools of fishes, barracudas, and tuna swarming underneath, you first have to overcome a series of strong currents, deep slopes, and walls. But hey, once you’re able to reach the beautiful world below Burias Shoal, every struggle will be worth it!

Scuba divers from different parts of the world visit Burias Shoal because of the beauty and adrenaline it offers to everyone, moreover, it’s also just a mere 30-minute speedboat ride away, so make sure not to miss out!


13. Ardent Hot Springs

Ah, and here it is! One of the most popular attractions on Camiguin Island is the Ardent Hibok-Hibok Hot Springs Resort located below another famous landmark, the majestic Mount Hibok-Hibok. Well, we all know that Camiguin is blessed with countless cold and hot springs that all offer amazing experiences to everyone, but Ardent Hot Springs is absolutely the number one choice for many locals and tourists. The resort has several pools of varying sizes so I’m sure that everyone can pick what they like. The hot springs usually have a temperature of 40°C which is perfect for a relaxing and soothing bath. Well, if 40°C is too much to handle for you, there are still a lot of other choices so don’t worry!

Aside from the pools and hot springs, the resort also has designated cottages where you can leave your things, rest for a bit, or have your lunch. There’s also a Family Hut available for large groups and even a Twin Room and Family Room if you wish to spend the night.


14. Camiguin Aviation

If you’re an absolute fan of adrenaline-pumping activities and sightseeing adventures, then I recommend that you check out Camiguin Aviation. They offer exciting tour packages that let you witness the breathtaking beauty of Camiguin Island from up above! Their Sightseeing Tours will definitely become the major highlight of your trip as you’ll get the chance to fly by some of Camiguin Island’s most iconic attractions from a unique point of view.

Camiguin Aviation

Photo by Camiguin Aviation

You can avail either the Standard Island Flight or the Couple’s Flight if you want to have a romantic and memorable experience with your sweetheart. Oh, and if you’re into aviation or simply a fan of flying, Camiguin Aviation also offers Aerobatic Courses. So if you’re really interested, make sure not to miss out!


15. Bura Soda Water Park

Finally, our last destination for our amazing Camiguin Island escapade is the Bura Soda Water Park. It’s another one of the famous spring resorts in Camiguin but what makes it unique and stand out from the rest is that locals claim that the water here actually tastes like soda! Can you believe it? Well, you’ll be surprised to see that lots of visitors are really drinking the water from open faucets. Everyone who’s been to Bura Soda Water Park proves the claim that the water indeed tastes like soda. And nobody ever complained about having stomach problems afterward. Moreover, just the fact that people are drinking the water from this resort says a lot about its safety and cleanliness. And for us tourists, that’s already a massive advantage.

Bura Soda Water Park

Photo by Must See Spots