The enchantingly beautiful province of Capiz is absolutely one of the most interesting places in the whole Philippines. It is incredibly blessed with some of the most incredible natural wonders on the planet such as pristine white sand beaches, abundant lakes, stunning waterfalls, and many more!

It’s actually hailed as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, thanks to its precious 80-kilometer coastline and dozens of thriving fishponds. Yup, expect to feast on different kinds of seafood during your stay here because they’re absolutely as fresh and delicious as they can be! There are also numerous cave systems and majestic mountains in Capiz that are definitely worth exploring, especially for hiking and trekking enthusiasts out there.


Aside from being blessed with beautiful gifts from nature, Capiz also has a rich and colorful history of being under the occupation of Spanish and Japanese colonies. After World War II, the provinces of Capiz and Aklan were actually united as a single province until President Ramon Magsaysay signed the law which separates them in 1956. Despite the natural and historical richness of Capiz, a lot of people are still afraid to visit the province.

It’s because Capiz is believed to be the “Home of Aswangs” where numerous supernatural and mythical creatures are said to be dwelling. But despite the endless theories of mysteries and witchcraft surrounding the beautiful province, I’m here to prove that Capiz is indeed one of the most beautiful places not only in the Philippines but in the whole world!

So, are you ready? Come and join me as we both explore the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Capiz!


1. Roxas City Museum (Ang Panublion)

Of course, one of the first things you should do especially if you’re visiting a new place is to learn more about its culture and history. And to do that here in Capiz, visiting the famous Roxas City Museum also known as the Ang Panubli-on, which is a Hiligaynon term meaning “Guardian of precious things”, would be a perfect choice!

Roxas City Museum (Ang Panublion)

Photo by GMA News

The museum houses some of the most important artifacts and collections from the native indigenous people of Capiz as well as significant Capiceño personalities. Oh, and one mind-blowing fact about this museum is that it is originally a huge water tank built way back in 1910. Now it’s turned into an incredible museum, amazing! CHECK THE BEST HOTELS IN CAPIZ HERE



2. Baybay Beach

Ah, and so we begin our hunt for the most beautiful beaches and islands of Capiz! The first one is no other than Baybay Beach, which features a mesmerizing sunset you wouldn’t forget! Although the beach isn’t known for white sands or turquoise waters, what the people love about Baybay Beach is the thriving food culture along its shores. Here you can score great deals on delicious local street food while able to enjoy the fresh and cool breeze of the ocean!

Baybay Beach

Photo by Pinterest

Of course, you can also take the chance to go swimming and busking under the sun all you want. There are plenty of seashells and wonderful rock formations along the 7-kilometer-long beach so go have some fun!


3. Mantalinga Island

After having quite the amazing experience in Baybay Beach, let’s now head to the enchantingly beautiful Mantalinga Island, which is only about a kilometer away from Baybay Beach itself. You can actually see Mantalinga Island from Baybay Beach clearly as it’d always be a part of your lovely pictures on the beach.

This tiny yet mesmerizing piece of land features pristine waters that house a diverse aquatic ecosystem which is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving! Mantalinga Island is also famously regarded by many fisherfolks as the “Goodluck Island”. Well, there’s only one way to find out if it’s true, right? Let’s go!


4. Olotayan Island

Another must-visit island destination in Capiz is the picturesque Olotayan Island located in Roxas City. A lot of tourists regard this beautiful island as the “Little Boracay” of Capiz because of its mind-blowing features of white sands, turquoise waters, and serene vibe. Olotayan Island is the only island barangay of Roxas City so expect to be far away from all the noise and buzz of the capital.

Olotayan Island

Photo by Explore Capiz

The romantic atmosphere of the island attracts a lot of lovely couples to spend their special celebrations here at Olotayan Island. Oh, and of course, don’t miss out on all the fun and exciting activities you can do here on the island such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, island-hopping, and many more! It only takes about 45 minutes to an hour to reach this tropical paradise and you can also reserve elegant rooms to make your stay even more special.


5. Palina Greenbelt Ecopark and River Cruise

After exploring some of the most beautiful beach destinations of Capiz, it’s now time to visit yet another precious gem of the province! The Palina Greenbelt Ecopark and River Cruise is a famous tourist attraction in Roxas City where visitors can have the chance to taste the freshness of the sea up close by cruising along the sparkling Palina River while enjoying a gastronomic feast of delicious seafood.

Feel free to breathe in the fresh air and admire the bare beauty of nature as you enjoy the experience that Capiz is best known for, seafood!


6. Paseo Del Rio and Casa de Mercado

Ah, after a long and tiring day of exploring some of Capiz province’s breathtaking natural attractions, we deserve to treat ourselves to a taste of the city’s best offerings, right? So now, we’ll be heading to Paseo Del Rio and Casa de Mercado! What was once a garbage dumpsite is turned into an incredible river promenade teeming with Roxas City’s colorful culture and food scene! This awesome public park is situated along the Panay River and filled with vibrant sceneries, especially during special events and celebrations in the city.

Paseo Del Rio and Casa de Mercado

Photo by Roxas City Gov

There are also food hubs and booths set up within Casa de Mercado where tourists can buy some of the best treats, delicacies, and street food of Capiz! You may also score some great deals on fresh produce and souvenirs here so be sure to include Paseo Del Rio and Casa de Mercado on your list!


7. Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Shrine

At number 7, our next destination is one of the most visited attractions in Capiz, especially by pilgrims and religious tourists from different parts of the country. Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Shrine, located in Roxas City, Capiz is one of the newest yet most significant religious landmarks in the province. The main attraction here in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Shrine is the 132-foot-tall monument of Jesus Christ which really stands out beautifully.

It is said that the monument was the tallest of its kind when it was built in the year 2015. When you visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Shrine, you’ll absolutely admire the breathtaking scenery behind its majestic statue. The mountains, the sea of clouds, and the peaceful vibe of the place perfectly fit the serene and sacred aura of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Shrine. So make sure to visit!


8. The Ruins of Alcatraz

The Ruins of Alcatraz is one of the most interesting attractions in Roxas City, Capiz. If it’s your first time visiting this intriguing landmark, maybe the first thing that’ll come to your mind is that it’s like the walls of Paradis Island from Attack on Titan! Well, that’s especially if you’re into pop culture. It is said that the structure was originally intended to become part of a resort built by one of the prominent families in the province.

Unfortunately, the project didn’t push through and the walls were abandoned for many years, giving it a truly nostalgic and ancient vibe. Oh, and it’s also located near the beach, all the more reason for countless tourists to stop by and take amazing pictures along the way.


9. Banica Dried Fish Center

Ah, right after wandering around the capital city and discovering all its precious attractions, it’s finally time to buy some pasalubong! And when you’re here in Capiz, the number one pasalubong that you have to buy is dried fish. The best place to buy some premium yet affordable dried fish in Capiz is no other than the Banica Dried Fish Center.

This is where all the fresh and delicious dried fish varieties are sold in bulk! In fact, several retailers that came all the way from Manila and many other places frequent Banica Dried Fish Center to replenish their supplies for numerous businesses. You’ll be amazed to see that the dried fish center occupies a whole street where you can find tasty daing, Uga, dilis, alamang, tabagak, and of course, the iconic danggit. Well, the only advice I can give you is, to shop ‘til you drop!


10. Culajao Mangrove Eco Park

Capiz is indeed a haven for producing fresh and delicious seafood. It became an integral part not only of every Capiseño’s livelihood but their culture as well. And to understand more about the abundant fishing industry in Capiz, let’s go and visit the Culajao Mangrove Eco Park! This 4.6-hectare park is an ecotourism project spearheaded by the Roxas City government where visitors are given the chance to explore countless species of mangroves, fishes, mollusks, and even exotic birds!

There’s also a river cruise adventure available where you can wander along the river and see the thriving wildlife and ecosystem of Culajao Mangrove Eco Park. And finally, get the chance to learn more about fishing when you get to the fish cages where line and hook fishing are taught by the tour guides. You can also learn how to harvest shellfish while you’re at it. So be sure not to miss out!


11. Roxas City Plaza

Another way to really dive deeper into the rich culture and history of Capiz is by exploring the famous Roxas City Plaza. This 1.5-hectare public park is located right at the heart of the city which is the perfect place to explore some of the city’s important landmarks. There are the so-called Eight Heritage Monuments of the Roxas City Plaza which all became important landmarks for the city. And they are all located within the vicinity of the park, so be sure to visit each and every one of them!

Roxas City Plaza

Photo by Philstar

There’s the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral, the Capiz Provincial Capitol Complex, the Capiz Bridge, the President Manuel Roxas Monument, and many more. I’ll leave the rest up to your memorable adventure so make sure to take awesome pictures while you’re visiting each of the Eight Heritage Monuments, okay?


12. Roxas City Public Market

Of course, we Filipinos will never ever forget to buy pasalubong whenever we go out of town, right? And the perfect place to do that in Capiz is no other than the province’s center for trade and commerce itself, the Roxas City Public Market! This public market is already more than 40 years old and has recently been renovated to better serve the needs of the people.

Roxas City Public Market

Photo by Panay News

Here at the Roxas City Public Market, you can buy all of the best-selling treats and delicacies of Capiz such as Pinasugbo, Barquillos, Suman sa Ibos, and of course, the iconic Uga or dried fish varieties. Having visited the famous “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, you better buy and take home as many delicious seafood products as you can!


13. Capiz Ecology Park and Cultural Center

Up next, the Capiz Ecology Park and Cultural Center are becoming one of the rising tourist attractions in Capiz where visitors have the chance to become closer than ever to nature. It’s located in Cuartero, Capiz, and is a famous destination for team-building activities, special celebrations, and such.

Capiz Ecology Park and Cultural Center

Photo by Capiz Eco Park

It’s also an incredible place where you can learn more about the culture and tradition of Capiseños because they demonstrate how to create indigenous products like duyan, woven items, traditional clothes, and even native delicacies. You can really feel the traditional way of life during your stay here at the Capiz Ecology Park and Cultural Center because you’ll be lodging at traditional Nipa Huts and tree houses.


14. Capiz Provincial Park

Another tourist attraction in Capiz that you shouldn’t miss is the Capiz Provincial Park, which has been the go-to destination for locals as well as tourists when they want to relax for a bit and have a great time. One of the main features of the Capiz Provincial Park that really caught the attention of many is the man-made pond and waterfalls that are surrounded by lush plants and ornaments.

The park is especially much more festive during the Christmas season because it’s filled with countless decorations and even local vendors that are selling delicious treats! I’m sure that everyone, especially children, will have an amazing time exploring the Capiz Provincial Park. It’s also a perfect memory-making opportunity for families out there, so don’t miss out!


15. Cafe Terraza

Ah, finally! The perfect way to end your Capiz escapade is by having a gastronomic feast at the famous Cafe Terraza of Roxas City. Well, this is not your typical cafe because it’s located on top of a hill where you can enjoy the breathtaking 360° view of Roxas City, lush hills, the sea of clouds, and the captivating blue skies. Cafe Terraza is actually the main highlight of El Circulo Convention Center in Pueblo de Panay which is a rising central business district of Roxas City.

Cafe Terraza

Photo by Cafe Terraza

Oh, and of course, Cafe Terraza wouldn’t be such a big hit if it weren’t for their delicious set of food, right? Don’t worry because you won’t be disappointed! Some of Cafe Terraza’s must-try dishes are Bangus Sisig, Baked Oysters, Asado na Pata, and many more seafood best-sellers. Go and feast like a king!