Ah, the Christmas season is already fast approaching and yet we still can’t get enough of the summer heat! Well, if you’re searching for the perfect place to explore that’s near Manila, then traveling to Subic, Zambales will surely satisfy your tropical cravings. Subic is one of the country’s high-class coastal municipalities that has been well-established since the Spanish Colonial Era.

It faces the mesmerizing Subic Bay which is known for its beautiful coastline with sandy beaches and iconic dive sites featuring historical shipwrecks from the Spanish-American war. And located in the eastern portion of Subic, you can visit the famous Subic Bay Freeport Zone which is famous for its wide array of premier entertainment attractions such as world-class hotels, casinos, resorts, cultural centers, and a whole lot more.


Countless tourists from all across the globe are easily able to visit Subic because it is one of the highly-developed municipalities in the Philippines which focuses on tourism, entertainment, and leisure. In fact, it is only about 2 and a half hours away from Manila! So if you’re wondering where your next weekend getaway should be, then come and join me as we discover and explore the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Subic in this article!

1. Zoobic Safari

Probably the most famous tourist attraction in Subic is the iconic Zoobic Safari. It is known as “The First and Only Tiger Safari in the Philippines” which has been home to diverse and exotic animals for many years already. Zoobic Safari is a perfect destination for all kinds of travel getaways like family tours, company outings, educational trips, and more!

Zoobic Safari

Photo of Zomanity

This incredible adventure park is located in a 25-hectare natural forest right at the heart of Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Lots of tourists absolutely love the incredible interaction between people and animals as well as the chance to take a picture with tigers, feed lions during a safari adventure, and watch other exciting animal shows.z

Zoobic Safari indeed promises an amazing experience to all tourists out there. Well, it is by far the best safari adventure you can ever look for here in the Philippines. So don’t let you and your kids miss the chance!



2. Ocean Adventure | Subic Bay

Of course, the safari experience wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay. This year, the First Open Water Theme Park in Southeast Asia is celebrating its 21st anniversary being one of the country’s premier tourist and educational attractions. It’s located in Morong, Bataan at the portion still within the Subic Special Economic and Freeport Zone.

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

Photo of Ocean Adventure

Ocean adventure has a wide array of fun and educational attractions that will surely get audiences hooked! There’s the Ocean Discovery Aquarium, Voyager Aquarium, Sea Lion Marine Patrol, and the Sentinels of the Sea featuring the smart and friendly dolphins of Ocean Adventure.

Aside from these engaging activities that let you explore the magnificence of our oceans, Ocean Adventure also offers other exciting activities to educate us more about our rich rainforests and marine ecosystems. From mangrove forests to grasslands, streams, and coral reefs be prepared for an all-out experience that will bring you closer and love nature more than ever. Oh, and get ready to take awesome pictures as well!


3. Pamulaklakin Forest Trail

Pamulaklakin Forest Trail is another outdoor haven that’s perfect for hiking and trekking enthusiasts out there. But hey, if you’re game for an exciting adventure and absolutely love nature, then why not? It’s also known as the Pamulaklakin Aeta Forest Trail, it got its name from the rare Pamulaklakin Vines that abundantly grow within the area.

Pamulaklakin Forest Trail

Photo of TripAdvisor

Diving deeper into the rich culture and tradition of the Aeta Tribe, the Pamulaklakin Trail also allows tourists to explore the stunning forest with its breathtaking natural features like streams, lush trees, and exotic animals. You will be personally assisted by an Aeta tour guide which makes the whole experience more authentic and amazing!

Visiting Pamulaklakin Forest Trail is an all-day experience because you’ll also get the chance to learn a lot about the Aeta culture. The tour guides will teach you about jungle survival techniques such as making your own straw from plants, drinking from vines, and also determining medicinal plants around the area. To cap it all off, you can enjoy a lovely boodle feast prepared by the locals! Yum!


4. Inflatable Island

After exploring some of Subic’s most beautiful natural attractions, how about we find someplace where we can fully relax, enjoy the beach, and of course, have fun? Well, our next destination will surely cover all of that and a whole lot more! Olongapo City’s Inflatable Island is absolutely one of the most popular attractions in Subic because it is a huge theme park covering about 4,200 sqm that contains adrenaline-pumping activities that will surely amaze you.

Inflatable Island

Choose from incredible attractions such as giant inflatable slides, towers, swings, bridges, and human launchers to take your summer experience to the next level!

Inflatable Island is perfect for all sorts of occasions whether it’s for team-building, reunions, or even simple family getaways. Private cabanas and hotel accommodation are also available, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go and have some fun!


5. JEST Camp Subic

JEST is an acronym for Jungle Environment Survival Training and it is definitely a must-try attraction in Subic, especially for everyone who’s madly in love with outdoor activities! For almost 6 decades, JEST Camp Subic has been known as the leading survival school in the Philippines that has taught thousands of students about jungle survival, wildlife tracking, and other resourceful skills.

JEST Camp Subic

Photo of Agoda

Students who have finished their courses here at JEST Camp Subic will receive professionally recognized certificates. So, you will be trained and at the same time have a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature when you visit JEST Camp Subic!

Some of the major attractions here aside from the Survival Courses are the Magaul Bird Park and the famous Kawayan Kitchen where tourists can enjoy a unique and sumptuous dining experience! Kawayan Kitchen’s trademark is that all of its best-selling dishes are cooked using Kawayan or bamboo. This one-of-a-kind tradition started from the Aeta Tribe of Zambales which was then well-preserved until now. The best-sellers here are the Bamboo Rice and Sinampalukang Manok, so make sure to order them!


6. Royal Duty-Free

Subic is indeed one of the high-class municipalities in Luzon that’s why it attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists. Now, if you’ve had enough of the usual malls in Manila, then dropping by the Royal Duty-Free of Subic should be a perfect choice! Choose from unlimited brands of anything and everything at the cheapest price possible. And yes, they are all original and mostly imported.

Some tourists from nearby provinces like Bulacan, Pampanga, and even Metro Manila even travel all the way to Subic just to go on a shopping spree. So, what are you waiting for? Shop ‘til you drop!


7. Subic Bay Boardwalk

The next one on our list that is definitely a gem you shouldn’t miss is the Subic Bay Boardwalk. Subic is already beautiful in its own way, so if you just want to appreciate and be mesmerized by all the commercial attractions, relaxing waters, and the breathtaking sunset of Subic, then this is exactly where you should be.

Subic Bay Boardwalk is a popular spot where anyone can enjoy picnics with family, recreational activities with friends, and if you’re lucky, even a live concert from time to time! Yup, Subic Bay Boardwalk is also the major venue for entertainment events, annual festivals, and many more huge gatherings. The best part? It is absolutely free for anyone to explore!


8. Subic Bay Yacht Club

We’ve mentioned earlier that Subic is one of the country’s premier coastal municipalities, right? Well, one of the ways to prove that is for you to visit the world-class Subic Bay Yacht Club. This members-only club features a jaw-dropping collection of yachts that are owned by multiple members from different walks of life. Their hotel is also as glamorous as it can get with top-class facilities and amenities that will surely make your stay even more incredible.

Subic Bay Yacht Club

Photo of Agoda

Well, the good news is that they are also offering day tour packages which are open for all interested tourists. You’ll already have access to Subic Bay Yacht Club’s outstanding facilities and attractions so don’t miss out! Just visit their website for more information.

Oh, and Subic Bay Yacht Club also offers several yacht cruise packages! Whether you’re planning to go with family, friends, or just on a romantic date with your sweetheart, these yacht cruise packages are definitely perfect for an all-new experience.


9. Arizona Dive Shop (Wreck Diving)

Ah, and here we go! As we were saying at the beginning of this article, Subic Bay is known internationally to be home to lots of world-class dive sites featuring historical shipwrecks from the Japanese-American War. And the best place to try wreck-diving in Subic is no other than the Arizona Dive Shop.

They are a PADI 5-Star Dive Center that offers everything that you may need and want in terms of diving. From various dive courses, diving equipment, and guided diving tours, I’m sure that Arizona Dive Shop will absolutely be a haven for diving enthusiasts all over the world.

Some of their famous shipwreck attractions include a Japanese DC-3 Airplane, a Douglas A-1 Skyrider, and a Spanish-American Warship who’s named the “San Quentin”. Yup! All these and more are waiting for your next diving tour so book your slots now!


10. Dinosaurs Island

Once we’re done exploring and discovering amazing attractions out in the sea, it’s finally time to yet again have a fun and carefree experience only here at Dinosaurs Island! Well, I know that everyone can’t help but be fascinated by dinosaurs, right? So whether you’re with your family, friends, and especially kiddos, I’m sure that you’ll have an amazing time.

Dinosaurs Island

Photo of Dinosaur Island

This animatronic theme park with life-sized dinosaur spectacles has an endless list of attractions you shouldn’t miss such as the Dino World of Fun, Dino Trail, Wonders of the World, and the famous Jurassic Jungle Safari where you’ll experience being chased by different dinosaur species! Watch out for the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Iguanodon, and of course the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex! See? Experience a spine-tingling adventure a-la Jurassic Park!

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11. El Kabayo Falls

Ah, after wandering around the amazing Dinosaurs Island and getting chased by mighty dinosaurs all over, why don’t we take a break and have a relaxing bath at El Kabayo Falls? Yup! This refreshing gem is located within the Subic which is a twin-cascading wonder with sparkling waters and an amazing landscape.

The first waterfall stands tall at about 5 meters while the other one is at 3 meters. Before you reach El Kabayo Falls, you first have to overcome a moderate hike while also being able to enjoy breathtaking views of the jungle! Oh, and aside from the incredible adventure and the majestic waterfall, El Kabayo Waterfalls and Forest Trails also has a horse stable consisting of 21 horses in total. And yup, horseback riding is waving at ya’!


12. Capones Island

Since you’re already in Subic, why don’t we add another must-visit destination to your travel list? Trust me, you too wouldn’t believe how beautiful this natural wonder truly is. The iconic Capones Island of San Antonio Zambales has been buzzing on social media as one of the most breathtaking island destinations not only in Luzon but the whole Philippines.

Also known by the name “Isla de Gran Capon”, this island boasts of white-sand beaches combined with pristine waters that exude an unbelievable tropical paradise. The island is also hailed as the “Lighthouse Island of Zambales” because you won’t see any commercial structure within its vicinity apart from an old Spanish lighthouse known as the Faro Punta de Capones.

See? Nature’s beauty is as raw and mesmerizing as it can get here at Capones Island. It’s the perfect scenery that’s very suitable for romantic and passionate escapades as well so grab the chance to bring the love of your life here to Isla de Gran Capon!


13. Magaul Bird Park

So far, we’ve interacted with lots of lovely animals during our incredible Subic adventure. From the mighty big cats of Zoobic Safari to the intelligent dolphins of Ocean Adventure, I now bring to you the awesome bird species of Magaul Bird Park! This huge theme park is known all over the country to host the only bird show that can bring to stage a total of 100 birds all at the same time. Yup, you read that right. A hundred!

Visiting Magaul Park is really an amazing way to learn more about different species of birds from endemic to endangered ones. Oh, and you can also level up your experience by taking on nerve-wracking activities like the Goliath Swing, Aerial Adventure Walk, Rappelling, and– get this. A Life-Sized Angry Birds attraction!


14. Adventure Beach Water Park

Adventure Beach Water Park is another must-visit destination in Subic Bay Freeport Zone that’s certainly popular with kids and of course, kids at heart. The water theme park features lots of attractions that are perfect for any kind of celebration! Ride your heart out at their adrenaline rides, gigantic slides, and themed swimming pools.

Adventure Beach Water Park

Photo of Adventure Beach

You can also try other watersports activities such as kayaking, banana boat rides, and many more. Adventure Beach Water Park is just a few steps away from other Subic landmarks so make sure to drop by and have fun!


15. Lighthouse Marina Resort

Finally, how about we end our Subic escapade with a well-deserved vacation at the municipality’s top trending resort? Yup! Lighthouse Marina Resort has been making rounds in social media lately as a top summer destination because of its world-class services, premier facilities, and exceptional attractions.

The Lighthouse Marina Resort

The resort is perfectly symbolized by the incredible lighthouse that serves as a beautiful landmark for tourists. Taking a picture with the lighthouse in the background is definitely a must! All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy the white-sand beach, drink some cocktails, eat at the resort’s exceptional Sands Restaurant, and appreciate the beauty of life.