15 Best RIZAL Private Resorts

The mountainous region of Rizal is undoubtedly one of the richest provinces in the whole country whether it’s in the aspects of culture, history, and tourism. The fact that the province was named after the national hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal, already says a lot about its significance to the country. And for countless different reasons, a lot of tourists from everywhere are attracted to visit and explore Rizal and its amazing wonders.

The cool mountain breeze of Rizal is instant relief and escape from all the noise of Manila, especially because it’s located just about an hour away from the capital itself. Moreover, the thriving food scene and night culture in Rizal have also become very inviting for food enthusiasts and party lovers out there, so expect to see a lot of people in Rizal, especially during the weekends!


Of course, Rizal also has an impressive list of tourist attractions and natural wonders that are absolutely perfect destinations for your next adventures and escapades. Some of Rizal’s famous attractions include the Daranak Falls, Hinulugang Taktak Falls, Treasure Mountain, Pinto Art Museum, and of course, the iconic Antipolo Cathedral. Rizal is also becoming one of the fastest-growing economies in the country so expect to explore and visit several high-end malls, hotels, and resorts scattered all around the province. In short, your visit to Rizal will definitely be full-packed and memorable indeed!

Well, in case you’re planning to visit Rizal any time soon, let me provide a very helpful list to aid your adventures. Today, we’re going to talk about the 15 Best Private Resorts in Rizal!


1. Villa Elisha

This tropical paradise is located just within the serene mountains of Antipolo and it’s certainly a place worth visiting! Villa Elisha is a private tree and fruit forest covering a huge area of 30 hectares. The resort is known for being a perfect hideaway for everyone whether you’re with family, barkada, and of course, your special someone. As I’ve mentioned, Villa Elisha’s greatest asset is its serene and peaceful location.

Villa Elisha - A Forest Hideaway

You’re still within Antipolo City but the ambiance vibe and ambiance of the resort will make you feel like you’re at the heart of an enchanting forest. Of course, the facilities and amenities of Villa Elisha are also something truly impressive. There are 3 bedrooms and 1 loft room available, you can still request extra beds as needed so it’s safe to say that the resort can accommodate big families as well.


Some of Villa Elisha’s amenities include the infinity pool, fishing lagoon, obstacle courses, picnic areas, and multi-purpose trails that are perfect for outdoor lovers. Again, the whole 30-hectare paradise will be all yours to conquer when you book a vacation here at Villa Elisha. So don’t miss out! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


2. Tyvo Resort

Another aesthetic private resort in Rizal that’s perfect for all kinds of occasions is no other than Antipolo City’s Tyvo Resort. Well, who could resist enjoying the relaxing view of Metro Manila’s skyline while having a nice splash at the pool? Add the mesmerizing scenery of the sunset to the picture and it’s all a heavenly sight indeed.

Tyvo Resort

Photo by Tyvo Resort

Tyvo Resort has a bunch of competitive and affordable packages that are all created to give you the awesome experience that you deserve. Moreover, the resort’s structure is well-designed to accommodate all kinds of happenings you can think of! There’s a dedicated party hall, a grand KTV room in the basement, a glowing swimming pool, a roof deck, and incredible rooms that are equipped with premium facilities as well as amazing views of the skyline.

So whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, debut, wedding, or a simple get-together with the barkada, Tyvo Resort is absolutely one of the best choices in Rizal!


3. Joseph Private Resort

Up next, Joseph Private Resort is located at Assumption Road, Antipolo City, and has been one of the top choices for family vacations and gatherings. The resort is well-equipped with facilities and amenities that are must-haves to accommodate large groups of people and of course, host a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

There are beautifully furnished rooms with clean bathrooms, swimming pools, spacious function halls, a kitchen, and more! Joseph Private Resort also has several affordable packages that can attract guests and visitors from different parts of the country. Also, if you’re just looking for a quick getaway, they have competitive packages for day tours with awesome inclusions as well. So, what are you waiting for? Book now! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


4. Cattleya Resort

Another exciting venue that’s perfect for family events and gatherings is Cattleya Resort of San Roque, Antipolo. This huge resort boasts affordable packages including exclusive pools and villas you may enjoy. Cattleya Resort has a total of 19 available swimming pools that are all incredibly clean and elegant, perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

Cattleya Resort

Photo by Cattleya Resort

Each villa is also well-furnished with lodging and cooking facilities to ensure that guests have a convenient and comfortable stay. There’s a dedicated kitchen, barbecue area, and large air-conditioned rooms. You can either reserve day rate, night rate, or straight slot packages, whichever suits you better.


5. The Grounds Resort

Ah, if you’re just looking for a simple and serene space to host celebrations with your close family and friends, then The Grounds Resort of Antipolo City. It’s located just beside the Antipolo River and is known for its rustic and peaceful vibe. There are lots of trees and plants beautifully arranged around the resort so expect to breathe in fresh air during your stay!

The Grounds Resort

Credit: The Grounds Resort

The Grounds Resort only has a maximum capacity of only 15 persons, so it is indeed perfect for small family reunions, solemn wedding celebrations, and such. There’s a private swimming pool located at the heart of the resort, a gazebo, a spacious kitchen, a garden, and incredible accommodation rooms featuring a Hobbit House that’s inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit House can accommodate up to 9 guests, and there’s also a Cabin House which can lodge up to 6 people.

The Grounds Resort has very affordable packages and you can choose to either book a Day Stay, a Night Stay, or a 22-hour stay which is from 9 AM to or 7 PM to 5 PM. All in all, if you want to have a relaxing vacation where you can peacefully bond with family and friends and at the same time be away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, then The Grounds Resort should definitely be your top choice.


6. Hermanas Events Place

Hermanas Events Place is yet another hidden gem in Antipolo that’s perfect to host family gatherings and celebrations of all kinds! It’s located at Antipolo Valley Subdivision and features a spacious house where guests can rest, cook food, and essentially have fun.

Hermanas Events Place

The house is well-lit and has rooms even upstairs so it’s safe to say that Hermanas Events Place can host big families as well! There’s also a big swimming pool and jacuzzi just beside the house so having a pool party wouldn’t be a problem. There are also gazebos and tables placed outside the house where guests can stay or have a nice drink while relaxing at the serene vibe of Hermanas Events Place so all in all, this hotel resort absolutely promises an incredible experience!


7. Timmy in the Woods

Timmy in the Woods will absolutely make you feel like you’re having a grand and relaxing time in the woods of Goldenhills Subdivision, Antipolo City. The resort features an aesthetic rustic modern design that definitely calls for countless Instagram-worthy pictures.

The beautiful combination of black and gray elements together with the wide array of plants and trees designed all over the resort is really a perfect backdrop for weddings, christenings, homecomings, and such. Of course, there’s a 14-meter infinity pool to make your stay extra special as well as beautifully furnished rooms to help guests enjoy the highest degree of comfort and convenience during their stay. Of course, there’s also a wide space intended for happy hour celebrations such as grilling, cooking, and drinking.

Timmy in the Woods has also become a top choice for photoshoot venues because of its natural and rustic combination that really catches the eyes of many. So, are you in for an aesthetic and relaxing vacation? Book now!


8. Beverly Hills Private Resort

Spending some quality time with family and nature has been the number one go-to stress reliever for many, especially those who are living and working in the city. Well, those are exactly the reasons why Beverly Hills Private Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Antipolo. The resort is tucked at the top of the rolling hills where you can see the beautiful scenery of greenery and Metro Manila’s skyline.

Beverly Hills Private Resort

Premium accommodation also awaits you as there’s an elegant 3-story house with 4 spacious air-conditioned rooms to help you have a great time. Inside the house, there’s a kitchen and a fully furnished living room and dining areas. Moreover, guests are also given free access to the resort’s Wi-Fi and videoke.

Also, there’s a beautiful infinity pool that’s open for swimming and water activities all day and night! A native Kubo and veranda are also available outside for those who want to enjoy a breath of fresh air. See? It’s already an all-in package! Beverly Hills Private Resort can accommodate up to 20 people so it’s definitely perfect for family gatherings and celebrations.


9. The Villa

Ah, The Villa. One of the newest private resorts that are already emerging as a top vacation spot that’s near Metro Manila. The Villa is located at Town and Country Heights in Antipolo City which can easily be located by anyone! This private resort is perfect for a simple celebration involving a small group of friends, family, and even colleagues.

The Villa

Photo by The Villa

The Villa itself can accommodate up to 6 guests and it is beautifully furnished with premium facilities like air conditioners, a queen-sized bed, and a flat-screen TV with a free Netflix subscription and even PS4 games. There’s also a traditional Kubo placed outside as well as a comfortable gazebo where guests can relax and have a great time.

Of course, your weekend getaway wouldn’t be complete without a swimming pool, right? Well, here at The Villa, you have all the time to take a splash and swim all day long! Stargazing is also a must-try activity here at The Villa because a full 360° view at the rooftop is absolutely the perfect way to get it going at night.


10. The Rest House – Antipolo

The Rest House is indeed a place where you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the breath of fresh air throughout the weekend. It’s located at Eastland Heights, Antipolo, and is famously known for its posh and elegant facilities. So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to host all kinds of events such as surprise parties, wedding receptions, and birthday celebrations, The Rest House is definitely the one.

The Rest House - Antipolo

This private resort has a dedicated lower ground floor, ground floor, second floor, and even a roof deck! So it’s really safe to say that The Rest House can accommodate even large families and groups of friends. Some of the resort’s impressive amenities include a big swimming pool with mountain and skyline views, a standard billiard table, spacious balconies with an amazing mountain view, and of course, elegant bedrooms. There are a whole lot more amazing facilities and amenities that really make The Resthouse stand out from the rest. I suggest that you just check out the pictures to see for yourself!


11. Tanabe’s Private Pool Rest House

You can never go wrong with a cozy and relaxing place to spend your weekend escapade, right? Well, if that’s what you’re looking for then Tanabe’s Private Pool Rest House is the perfect choice for you. This elegant private resort is also located in Antipolo and can accommodate up to 20 people.

Tanabe’s Private Pool Rest House

So if you’re planning to throw a party with friends or host a simple family reunion, Tanabe’s is the one! The lodging facilities and bedrooms are all well-equipped that’s why you’ll surely have a memorable and comfortable vacation ahead. Feel free to maximize amenities like a Netflix subscription, hot tub, jacuzzi, barbecue grills, and of course, the swimming pool!

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12. Villa Lilian Private Pool

Located at Parkhills Executive Village in Antipolo is another breathtaking resort that’s perfect for weekend getaways. The cozy and elegant rooms and balconies of Villa Lilian Private Pool really catch the attention of many tourists that’s why it has undoubtedly become a top choice for private resorts in Rizal.

Villa Lilian Private Pool

Its modern luxury vibe fits the taste of lots of guests, especially millennials who are looking to have a great and memorable time with family, friends, etc. All the rooms are well equipped with facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible such as spacious beds, an elegant bathroom, flatscreen televisions, and more. Oh, and the swimming pool also stands out as the main attraction of Villa Lilian where guests can enjoy as much swimming as they like!


13. Alysa Private Resort Antipolo

Another elegant overlooking private resort on the list is Alysa Private Resort Antipolo. The mini Santorini vibes of the resort absolutely attract a lot of visitors because it’s perfect for family gatherings, company outings, small reunions, and such. It’s located at Barangay Santa Cruz and offers very affordable packages for day tours and overnight stays as well.

Alysa Private Resort Antipolo

Alysa Private Resort Antipolo has cozy rooms that can fit a maximum of 40 persons, so even big party events can be beautifully hosted in this venue. The amenities include a huge swimming pool, jacuzzi, grilling areas, kitchen, and even a disco ball light for party lovers out there! A very romantic view of the skyline together with the mesmerizing sunset can be enjoyed by the guests. So, what are you waiting for? Come and escape to Santorini here at Alysa Private Resort Antipolo!


14. Angela Private Resort Antipolo

Angela Private Resort Antipolo is also located in Barangay Santa Cruz and features a refreshing swimming experience with breathtaking overlooking scenery of lush greenery of Antipolo’s mountainside. This private resort is perfect for huge gatherings and events because the rooms are cozy and spacious, and the swimming pool and jacuzzi area are large enough for all-day access and fun! Of course, the resort is also fully-equipped with party essentials such as grilling areas, kitchen, outdoor terraces, and more. At night, I’m sure you’ll enjoy dipping at the pool while the underwater lights are turned on. Oh, and Angela Private Resort Antipolo has day stay, night stay, and 22-hour stay packages. Just give them a call and your party’s all set!

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15. Phillip’s Sanctuary

Ah, finally. Phillip’s Sanctuary will undoubtedly bring you a weekend getaway experience you’ll never forget. Located at Barangay San Juan, Antipolo City, offers a beautiful escape to nature to all its guests. The resort is nestled at the heart of a farm where you can easily interact with nature.

Phillip’s Sanctuary

Tall trees, lush greenery, fresh air, and lovely animals all await your visit! There are also lots of fun and exciting outdoor activities available at the farm which are perfect for team-building campaigns, family reunions, and such. Of course, there’s a huge swimming pool where guests can simply chill and relax while listening to chirping birds and rustling winds. Elegant, cozy, and well-furnished rooms are also prepared to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one package where you’ll definitely have some fun in Rizal, Philip’s Sanctuary is the best choice for you!